Seize the key on the website of Shanghai Longfeng upgrading included and ranking right open

Lang Shanghai Longfeng optimization to make a metaphor for everyone, we are all search engines like the audience, website optimization is like a house, how to make our house to attract more people to visit? Some people would say that his house built more beautiful appearance, visit people will be more; some people would answer his house with gold inlaid or add fine antique utensils, or beautiful art building, more people will answer invited famous designers to design, increase the visibility of the housing, in order to attract more visitors to visit and enjoy.


actually everybody’s answer is not wrong, but did not seize the key housing, we want to build a can attract more people to visit to visit the house, the premise is we need to have a piece of land, the land planning to build houses on the size and size, is also the house can accommodate many people. After determining the architectural area of the house, and then in accordance with the housing construction area, to build and improve the foundation footing, so as to determine the stability of housing security, housing will not collapse etc.. According to the design frame of the house, inside of the building foundation frame building structures, exterior decoration and interior design to house more attractive access, expand the visibility that is a simple and easy.

as the Shanghai dragon optimization practitioners often encounter such problems, sometimes seriously optimizing a website optimization effect but after a period of time and site ranking is not ideal, while others seem to optimize your website unintentionally, the effect of the web site and ranking is so good, and their efforts to optimize the website is not better than others "unintentionally" business website effect? What is this? Is it not in accordance with the search engine "routine"

as a website in Shanghai.

for the website optimization in Shanghai dragon, others seemingly "website optimization, unintentionally" rarely write some original articles or more can be released outside the chain, the site’s ranking effect is very good, that in the end they are how to do site optimization of Shanghai dragon? Today Lang Shanghai Longfeng optimization for everyone secret "unintentional" optimization behind the web site, what hidden skills and methods which website optimization, how to quickly realize the website ranking and included

in fact, see "Water Margin" knows Lu Zhishen, although the character of Lu Zhishen blunt, but his work is rough, good at grasping the key problem. In our real life, there are also many people like Lu Zhishen, although they do not seem so serious, but in dealing with the problems encountered can grasp the key, grasp the key, the key point is important problems — problems and the core, take the right way of fast, accurate and relentless an antidote against the disease. The crux of the problems.



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