How to do a comprehensive analysis of the website

is part of the website describes overall summary must sentence core keywords website can be one to two times in the description of the two best.

, a web page of

web page is used to do the long tail word, long tail word ranking is easy and very easy to say, as long as the site of reasonable structure, can effectively transfer the weight, the inside pages included in the later will have the good ranking. In the page design when we want to see in the title of the page design is reasonable.

2, page code redundancy, page structure

H tags from H1 to H4, H5, H6 rarely used. H1 is to tell the search engine this is the most important part of my website, H1 tags in one page only, other labels are not limited, we must pay attention to this.

1, the title, description, keywords and other

open a website first show in front of us is home, home is a site of the most important pages on the essential analysis. Analysis of home can be started from the following points:

The distribution of

check the title of the site is qualified, the page title to a reasonable and effective integration of key words, focus on user experience, must not be the accumulation of keywords. Keywords web site is the core part, to analysis the degree of competition keywords, consider whether it is effective keywords, do not go too hot, too cold do not flow.

4, H tag using

is generally believed that the keyword density is between 2%-8%, but I think that this is of no great importance, as long as the keyword search engines are natural and reasonable, not to punish our website. We can try to search some words to look at its love Shanghai snapshot home page appears one or two keywords and ranking good site home everywhere, the emergence of a large number of keywords and ranking is good so many. We need to pay attention to the reasonable and effective distribution is the key to the user experience, you can.

is a Shanghai dragon Er, every day we will go to see your site keywords ranking has not risen, competitors have no change, this thing look good, do not waste a lot of time in the above, this time an analysis rather than on their own the website or competitors website. This paper take you to know how to do the optimization analysis, more detailed operation also rely on their own experience.

3, the home page keyword density, keyword

two, website page analysis

Website Optimization Website Optimization of the code and the structure is also essential, the code is simple and clear structure, is conducive to the page loading, but also conducive to spider crawling. On the page of the CSS code, JS code package, the extra notes can be removed, can easily lose weight for home.

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