Love Shanghai know ten Shanghai dragon issues most concern

Answer: now there are many online Shanghai dragon tutorial, basically says the site do Shanghai dragon after optimization, 1 months can be ranked. In this regard, Shanghai dragon dream to remind a Shanghai dragon optimization ranking does not mean that 1 months is an absolute value. According to different site types, different keywords optimization difficulty, after ranking time increased. As to why say 1 months this number, the main reason is the love Shanghai grab, included in the index released, the investigation about the time for 1 months, of course, depending on the content, effect of time will change. So, the Shanghai dragon optimization rankings this thing, do not be too impatient, general website optimization properly, three months is the most prominent.

Every day, Q3 and Shanghai dragon?

love Shanghai is known as a popular quiz platform of, often integrated into our daily in search of. But, as love Shanghai loyalists, know the current trends in the reaction of the user to a certain extent.

Q4, there is no automatic tool or what Shanghai dragon software?

The difference between

Answer: the purpose is to let the spider to update the website, found a new content, which included, and increase our site content, reach a comprehensive score, improve the site keywords ranking effect. Based on this, Shanghai dragon dream recommend every day to maintain proper updates. Of course, different industries have different characteristics, such as the product station, competitors every day more on certain articles, then you’d better also quite a number of articles, and some sites may share, are generally 2~3 days more text.


Q2, Shanghai dragon after optimization can have long ranked

Answer: automatic optimization? Well, if the automatic optimization effectively, so online is a big ticket Shanghai dragon er? Don’t work efficiency of the machine is millions of times higher than the one? The Internet is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng detection tools, but are some.

Q1 and SEM

also need to update the website optimization?

, Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai know many webmaster especially novice webmaster most often used to search block. Today, Shanghai dragon dream and share that ten Shanghai dragon issues most concern.

Answer:SEM, the full name of Search Engine Marketing! Is the translation of search engine marketing, that is to say, SEM is a kind of marketing method, it not only contains the flow into our site, but also responsible for traffic into benefits! This is Marketing, is also marketing. So, SEM not only covers the Shanghai dragon which is part of the flow of natural ranking, but also covers the love of Shanghai, bring 360 promotion of search engine advertising in the form of flow, while shouldering the responsibility of traffic benefit!

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