The Shanghai dragon note in the process of website optimization

finally, page design is also very important. We should follow the standard layout using DIV+CSS. It is different from the traditional table layout, to separate the content and the effect of the code. The design of DIV+CSS site more in line with the W3C standard, more convenient search engine index. Also note that the reasonable layout of the keyword density, can not appear the phenomenon of keyword stuffing. In general the keywords of a page is kept between 2%-8% as appropriate.

Shanghai dragon to the realization of this paper is not to introduce the content, here is no longer too much. Here is the introduction mainly want to note the realization of Shanghai dragon, may give some new friends to bring some help.

first, the most important is to have perseverance! When took over the site according to the standard of Shanghai dragon made some feel, It is as expected second days the site will be down right now, if you give up, then the results as can be imagined. At this time in order to reflect the good mentality as the Shanghai dragon should have, if handled properly, weight or will come back.

second, attention grabbing of search engine spiders. The site must not appear dead links, and the internal link level to extend, which is more conducive to spider crawling. The server must be stable, if you encounter a problem, it is easy to leave spider.


With the popularity of

search engine, people access to information, read news are in great need of search engine, search engine in fact far more than these, through the application of Shanghai dragon can not only make money for others, but also to promote their own websites, blogs, such as micro-blog, get considerable income from.

development of the Internet makes the rapid development of sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Many people began to build their own website, also can be found from the web to profit by the office. So that you can develop their own hobbies, and can return in the economy, is a very enviable thing. But when there are traffic, how to make it into income. Advertising is a good channel. In fact, the Internet is the essence of traffic, whether it is a gateway or personal website, whether it is online, blog, micro-blog is to get traffic is equivalent to the income.

said the popular Shanghai dragon, had said that the search engine marketing (SEM). It is through the search engine marketing promotion website, Shanghai dragon is one of them. Shanghai dragon is popular is to find the target site by the user search keywords, so the content of the website is to meet the needs of users. These users due to the clear, more likely to become the site of the customer.

in Shanghai Longfeng started are still relatively simple, but it is perseverance to do fine. And to the long term, not just stare at the immediate interests. I hope Comrades through mastery of Shanghai dragon, effectively promote their own websites. In this paper.

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