How to design the page footer proposal

site footer is connected with the bottom of the

4, using graphical elements


, what to write

on our website footer will add a contact, Links, services, information, or add the structure and content of the site navigation page links in the footer of web site. This is divided into columns and rows in the form of search engine spiders and make it easy for users to see.

5, pay attention to the contents of the readability of

for enterprise website and website even mainstream sites, will even enterprise information and website information in the footer, including copyright information and contact us, these information are told the website subject, there is a website and the company’s overall information team.


, 1 footer design is simple and practical

footer in color and use to choose more popular color, it is easy for users to accept, there is the text and pictures are fundamental to design website, do not make the false and the absence of the style, but also pay attention to the picture is simple and practical. In addition, the footer link to maintain the correct and click, footer content bearing a lot of important information, so we need to keep the correlation between the footer and the site as a whole in the process of designing the content in the footer.

Although the distinction between the bottom of the

site footer to the topic content, but need to be consistent with the overall style website, in color and style and graphics on the need for a transitional footer. Ensure the site overall look >

our company uses the footer at the bottom graphic elements, adding graphical elements makes it easy for users to see with other companies, which are in a certain degree to the user trust.

not gouweixudiao website footer

as the theme of the site footer content, just a few hold footer content information, and this information is not very important but do website must. You need to let the content become readable we design website footer content. There is a text element and the background color footer content requires with website theme to distinguish, the benefits of doing so is to make the site footer and site theme in stark contrast.

2 footer

website includes "head," the theme section and page footers, these three pieces together the whole page. Thus, is an important part of Web site footer. But recently I see others in the website, found a lot of problems, especially the design of the footer is careless, and even many of them are dealing with site footer get throught a thing carelessly. Therefore, you need to carefully through the way we design website footer, which not only benefit the optimization on the site, the site is still the overall beauty plus. The Puyang website construction about how to design a good web site footer.


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