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I started from the second half of 11 years to do the first project, Amoy powder bar, is an electricity supplier shopping guide, do okay. By the beginning of 14, I wanted to continue to do something about the electricity supplier. But at that time, reported a northern university students initiated the association to get up, boys and girls are paired with each other after wake up, see I think this model is very good, immediately open dry, the goddess of the app.

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and who told me to wake up than, "goddess called me up" is video based, "who calls me up", only audio. At the same time, "goddess" more partial social attributes, who is more biased tool, and social needs of personal display and discovery mechanism, the goddess of this mechanism is more abundant. Tool scenes create social scenes for socializing, and socializing makes tools more personal and more emotional.

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CHANet results network has been operating since March 2005, the existing system has accumulated nearly 3 years of various types of data, due to large data systems, reporting, query and other functions caused by a certain delay. In order to be more smooth running results of CHANet network, from April 1, 2008 onwards, the report query function will no longer provide December 31, 2006 inclusive activity data before, if there is any important data before this date, please check the inconvenience, please understanding.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Call you up seedsThe seed user of

social software active and retained really difficult, we struggle for a long time, to the next day 40, user activity about 100000 per day, this I think, mainly by tools and social combination. My opinion is that certain social is attached to a thing, only making friends is not reliable, because this thing approached the single success rate is too low, not sustainable, should rely on a thing, whether it is based on the contents such as pictures, video, or relying on the scene wake up, eat. Movie

February 26, 2008,

social software is critical, and this is a lesson for us. Seed users are not the first users, but the ones that best fit your product.


goddess, is the combination of social and gadgets, tools is the interaction between man and machine, social networking is the interaction between people, and wake up the scene to interactive interaction between man and machine into people.

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, our 5.4 youth day on-line, the results were immediately recommended by the official Appstore, immediately feel good, ah, by the official recommended period, ranking rights, immediately done

social products, especially anonymous social networking, can never be understood. Social entrepreneurs how to find the breakthrough point, how to ensure the retention and activity, how to create scenes, how precipitation content and relationship chain? Have a year of effort into social products must be the right to speak by Liu Jun.

social software users must be directed

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yesterday the elephant’s time, we invited to the nation’s largest rebate shopping guide website scouring powder it founder and CEO Liu Jun, he brought a social product to call you up "goddess", "share those things about social networking for us". He shared with us the views of social software, seed user training, user retention and activity, commercialization of social products and so on. A lot of dry goods, we catch ~

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