Love Shanghai crawl title and description tags snapshot

3, on the site title crawl into the link, the Shanghai dragon gu;

2, a NOODP label, adding meta name=" in head robots" content=" tag; noodp" and to support this tag search engines can play a role. Meta name=" robots" content=" noodp, noydir" this is restricted to all search engines, including Yahoo, Bing, noble baby, and as mentioned in the second paragraph, love Shanghai search engine is the label of unknown support.

1, usually a situation is: the search engine spiders crawl the site in the title tag, will temporarily store the title, then the entire page in order to grab crawling down, search engine and intelligent process accelerated, can now through the analysis of the algorithm, users must access habits, access keywords data were analyzed. If the analysis results and the actual deviation, is directly reflected in the above snapshot.

practitioners in Shanghai Longfeng engaged in website optimization work, will also meet the site title crawl or just not accurate. Shanghai dragon here make a couple of points:


here first discuss some NOODP tags. The first is MSN announced in 2006 that the NOODP tag is used to prompt search engines do not use the description of information classification information in DOMZ, then Yahoo, nobility baby also announced support for NOODP tags. But note that: at present, our love is not clear whether Shanghai supports the label, at least not any love from Shanghai Phoenix blog Shanghai official documents concluded.

recently found a lot of Shanghai dragon enthusiasts to put forward such a problem: no love Shanghai snapshot grab title and description tags, in fact, before the Shanghai dragon blog also published articles on "the search engine grab description tag error reasons", mainly described as reaction to the entire web page content, rather than blindly do keyword superposition but this solution is not common on the part of the web. Also at the end of said NOODP tag, meaning is not to use the open directory search system, also is the open directory search system is not suitable for this site.

note: not that you write the title is not good, not only describe the writing coherence, relevant pages and the actual situation is a bit of a problem. Such as "noise (irrelevant information) too much, the search engine spiders can not make a correct judgment, and feel your title or description and page content does not match, you may direct the page according to the important text information obtained feedback summary after extracting the related information.

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