The last straw Shanghai Longfeng not save site to wake up

above is from the direction of a large Shanghai dragon, in addition to a summary of characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng work, hope you can through an understanding of the characteristics of Shanghai dragon, there is a better criterion in the recruitment of the time, is no longer the Shanghai dragon myth, nor as a chicken ribs.

. Although as a basic link of marketing, but will affect all aspects of the work, this is no doubt. For example, online editing articles, for the site of modification and so on.


appears in the author’s opinion, the root of the problem lies in the recruiters do not have a good understanding of Shanghai dragon, is Shanghai dragon as a life-saving straw, the results as can be imagined.

1, long-term. As everyone knows, Shanghai dragon is a long-term work, there must be some time to reach ranking and enhance the flow of work;

such as the well-known Cardiff, ZAC, Wang Tong and other legendary stage of the first batch of Shanghai dragon, is now in the development of a full range of concern in the Shanghai dragon at the same time, more focus on marketing.

continuity. Shanghai Longfeng advantage lies in its continuity, after a good Shanghai, optimize the website, for a long time will have a good performance, excluding those through some cheating or brush click, outside the chain of the rankings;

The ! 4, the importance of 3, the basic

finally stressed that Shanghai is not to save the last straw dragon website

is popular in the Shanghai dragon today, more and more companies in the Shanghai dragon is quite important, but often the value level is beyond the scope of a Shanghai dragon can bear. Not only affect the Shanghai dragon er’s work enthusiasm, will be unable to complete the plan of the company.

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introduction of the following the Shanghai dragon cognition, hope to be able to have a better understanding of the recruiter:

Shanghai dragon

full name is the search engine optimization, the core of the emphasis is not the actual optimization, we know the rankings, traffic and sales. Is not more than 3 years of Shanghai Longfeng, here is not to say not to do Shanghai dragon, but will take this as the base, to contact with more sales network links, such as product, user experience designers, web site operators, as well as the common SEM. More than 3 years, Shanghai dragon still do, I think it is definitely a personal problem.

. The basis of referring to the Shanghai dragon as the most basic part of website marketing, can provide a good help for the sales, product optimization, promotion and other aspects;

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