s the inside pages of the need to strengthen the chain drive new pages and enhance the user experie

in the role of the chain is very powerful, can be very good to promote the keywords ranking. It can also help users find more valuable content in the chain and the role of the entrance, can enhance the web pages included and so on a series of benefits. But the chain is completely controllable, unlike the chain so uncontrollable. But in the early weight of a site within the chain chain high not only, but the website development to a certain stage, after the access to the search engine trust. In fact, strong chains in place is not less than the chain, in fact, today these are not I want to say, just want to make a foreshadowing.

so these pages some first released after the release of some natural keywords ranking up, time is not the same, the first release of the first keyword ranking can be natural. After the release of the web page ranking is certainly up slowly, then we send those pages long tail keywords ranking up, said the weight. This requires the use of those who have the weight of the page with those new pages, because these pages also did not get to the search engine trust. Need to have the weight of the page recommend, is this principle. Another advantage is that let users find this page will tell you a web search engine to determine the principle weights and trust here. The birth of a new page and a new website was born is the same, for a new web search engine in the absence of data, do not know the site is good or bad, search engines need by the user on the site left for the site to judge good or bad. Simply by the search engine is the need for a long time, this time we need.

I want to ask is, you have several pages is really valuable page, there are a few users really need, your content is updated daily to snapshot and ranking or for users. I have always stressed boutique website, if an enterprise stand besides products, very few pages. We don’t need to be updated every day some articles and news, snapshot and ranking No 10 Fen, you every day to do this would harm your website, the overall quality of production a lot of junk content will outlast your website. If the chain we just thirty or forty, each page is corresponding to some of the long tail keywords.

I want to talk about the thing that a lot of the webmaster is ignored, the design in the chain is the only published this article at the time. As for the later will not go to the management of this article, in fact, this is wrong. We generate a page when we will see this page is not valuable, can bring flow, can bring results, can solve the problem of the user. These three problems are only two together on it, we need each of the inside pages of keywords we are monitoring, look at what these keywords ranking. If there is no ranking, we should not send some outside the chain, for this web page to add some chain. This is a page promotion, many people may say so much time to do the promotion page where the hair of the chain.

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