Website optimization experience interpretation how to solve the low conversion rate

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flow for your important, but if it is empty, the same as useless. Encounter such problems, the solution is to start from the station. Are you still worried for? Try it!

graphic display, with some convincing. Such as the ability to attract customers, in-depth click. This can increase the user’s sense of depth.

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this screenshot, is on the first page display screen collection category. Both the new show, and the corresponding notice a new information station. Presumably, enter the visitor, there will be two election decisions.

3, show the site, from the perspective of content. This is mainly depending on the type of site, visitors to complete the transformation process. Mostly by reading the corresponding content after the corresponding consultation. But if we can use a combination of graphic display, the effect will be better. A brief introduction about the product as below:

set search conditions, let users according to the demand, appropriate settings, feedback the corresponding content. But behind the popular words, for users, but also has the help. It can be manually added by keyword, can also through the automatic keyword retrieval and the. In this way, the user can choose the corresponding shortcut.


1, enhance visibility page. When people just opened, will be deeply attracted to the feeling. In this way, visitors will have more curiosity tendency, in order to browse the contents of the website. Figure:

2, giving users a quick retrieval method. Today’s Internet is a fast rhythm, visitors do not take the time to find one by one. Therefore, in the significant position in the page, to meet the needs of users. Figure:

high flow, zero conversion phenomenon, effective solutions can be improved from the following aspects:

flow, zero conversion. This kind of phenomenon, presumably a lot of website managers have encountered, the most difficult thing is to let them. This phenomenon also fully reflects a point, no matter what the weight of the website, the key is that the user experience needs to be improved. Encounter problems, the key points is the reason to find problems. Then, effective improvement, to reverse the situation.


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