Discussion do website optimization of the five sword

most of the time we site in the search engine will slowly precipitation down, finally slowly disappeared in the tide of the internet. The most important reason is that you do not provide users with appropriate information and search engine. Once for a long time, site users and the search engine on your tired, you also have the value of existence. So we need to do regular maintenance of website content, do original and keep pace with the times. This content is suitable for the user and search engine "appetizer".

and five of the chain and extensive

is the same as the exchange of people, but also need to communicate between website and website development, you always lonely, you will eventually be pulled down. So to establish a good internal and external links is also very important,

Do you have

, a keywords densityMany webmaster for

website optimization five sword as follows:

site need to regularly provide new information

The correlation between

two, keywordsKeywords

and universality of the chain about it, is actually very simple to read. Relativity refers to the chain of the site and provide related services or products of the same site, and extensive means are not the same single link, to do all kinds of links.

four, established good diplomatic relations

for the majority of the Shanghai dragon ER, whether last year this year, keywords ranking is we all been concerned. Because of our long-term work in Shanghai dragon ER will be the last performance in the keywords ranking. Once we work in place, ranking naturally will be better. So today is to share some of their unique views on the website optimization.


summary: want to do website optimization of this work, we must do website optimization every detail of work carefully, Trinidad to collapse in yixue. Details determine success or failure! (articles from www.taoyany贵族宝贝: please keep the link !)

on the spot, in fact, as long as it is simple and clear. The main key position is in the front, then the weight of keywords to get the entire station is also higher, ranking the better. Some other aspects of the site description can refer to Title keyword method, to make clear theme, simple but not simple

The position of The correlation between

keyword density is not enough thorough understanding, still believe that as long as stored in the search engine between numerical specification is good. Indeed, search engine to your code will make your site has good rankings, but the real top three site which is not made for keyword density adjustment and change? In small series keyword density problems according to the content of home to fine tune, try to make eye-catching position can exist key words.

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