Tencent QQ QQ electricity providers do subtraction online shopping mall be made one


only about 30% of high-quality businesses, Tencent electricity supplier will do subtraction". Yesterday, the "First Financial Daily" the reporter was informed that the Tencent’s business electricity supplier website QQ, QQ online shopping mall will be made one to 26 this month, the formal completion of the brand upgrade, the new platform will be unified with the advent of the QQ online shopping brand.

the QQ online shopping, QQ mall brand upgrade will be officially completed in March 26th, after the merger of the new electronic business platform will be unified to QQ online shopping brand appears, the domain name will be unified for buy.qq.com. Previously, the Tencent in electricity supplier consolidation planning, Yi Xun will bear the standard category of self work.

, according to the relevant person in charge of the electricity supplier Tencent, the new QQ online shopping is positioned in the fine fun, after the upgrade of the QQ online shopping is more stringent settled merchants screening, once again improve the business access threshold. According to reports, the number of online shopping merchants after the upgrade will be based on the previous QQ online shopping, QQ mall on the basis of a substantial reduction, only about 30% of the original businesses to retain the best quality businesses in the past.

, according to Tencent electricity supplier insiders, the second half of this year, QQ online shopping background will be easy to get through the fast and easy network. Then, the distribution of high standard first batch of about 100 thousand kinds of goods will be unified through fast and easy self built logistics, and by the end of July QQ online shopping easy and fast network will achieve seamless unified orders, accounts and payment system, realize the close linkage proprietary platform and open platform.

in the Tencent B2C electricity supplier counterparts, there are data that the Jingdong store last year income of about 60 billion yuan, 15 billion 200 million yuan, a suning.com Shop 6 billion 800 million yuan, 5 billion 200 million yuan dangdang.com. The industry believes that the electricity supplier to complete the QQ online shopping, QQ mall merger and upgrading of the two brands, which means that after the Tencent electricity supplier planning self + open overall strategy has been formed. Although the Tencent has the dual advantages of capital flow and the electricity supplier, but the Jingdong disclosed D round of high finance, Suning renamed "Su ningyun", is bound to greatly increase the network retail market competition, to Tencent into electricity supplier "first echelon" not much time. (Huang Yuan)

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