Jingdong how price war fight shy of PR weakness

Jingdong seems to shine in the past two months by the opponent hit faded, followed by the "East" tide. Jingdong in the electricity market by suning.com, the United States alliance, Tmall and Amazon when hit and many other electricity providers, in the public opinion in the media by becoming the target of attack. The opponent to suppress public crusade against Jingdong, Jingdong, Jingdong can not blame others, blame themselves too good". Jingdong also can’t complain about the price war and public relations war, the two tactical but Jingdong was the masterpiece. From fame to retreat, this is how the


"low price is no longer the core is the Jingdong fight shy excuse

recently, Jingdong vice president Wu Sheng said "the price is no longer the core power", from the development of the electricity supplier market or Jingdong to market strategic adjustment angle can say so, but now the price war is still a weapon for the market. Jingdong’s brand to become Apple’s position today, when the strength of the so-called low-cost is no longer the core". In fact, we all know, this is just the Jingdong for their price war to find an excuse to fight shy.

Jingdong can not put a price war as a market when they act as price butcher, when the mobile phone is the price war have enemies in front and rear deprecating not worth a hair? The development of the electricity supplier market is still in the growth stage of the Jingdong brand, after 8 years of development in the electricity supplier brand on the market is relatively mature, and other commercial brand is relatively weak some. Suning.com and the United States are taking advantage of other business alliance when Eve Jingdong listed on the final price of kuanggong, doing so can be used to change the size of funds, to build their own electricity supplier brand, three to be sniper Jingdong IPO, the price war Why not?? for consumer oriented ordinary retail price, forever is the core. In the next summer sales season, Jingdong will be busy.

Jingdong public relations questioned and struggling to cope with the rival crusade

has always been to the "East" as Liu Qiangdong is the public relations war players, from the "big challenge" to "never bet" can cause media attention. When Jingdong fame peoples praise, Jingdong public relations but also with ease, but in competition with the public crusade was hit now, Jingdong has some struggling to cope with the pr. This time, more timely help for the public relations department, Liu Qiangdong micro-blog said "organized the 4 wave of attack against the Jingdong! At the end of the first wave of basic wave, second weeks!" Liu Qiangdong said the purpose is very simple, very let Dong believed that Jingdong, the middle of sympathy Jingdong. But the 4 wave of attacks is how to count? And now the first wave of


public relations war understandable, many companies are using public relations war, Jingdong also use. PR is to seize the reader and consumer attention, enterprise media love, love, love the reader, a controversial topic can lead to public discussion, in order to produce the desired effect, and the PR hype is to attract the attention of consumers, thereby affecting the minds of consumers. However >

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