Electricity supplier giant accelerate the layout of the rural market next year will reach 460 billio

busy with the construction of the city over the years, the electricity supplier who will quietly tentacles extended to the countryside, the rapid growth of the rural electricity supplier market began to become a new round of giants focus.

electricity supplier giants have layout of the rural market

recently, Li Xiaogang often think, how can we allow the villagers to enjoy the service of large appliances to the doorstep, the electricity supplier logistics chain extended to Anhui, Chaohu, a remote village.

Li Xiaogang is a remote village in Anhui Province, the villagers, but also the 1000th Jingdong promoters. "We trust the villagers to buy electricity or Jingdong, there are a lot of plan in my mind during the Chinese new year, while young migrant workers returned home to get high quality and inexpensive goods Jingdong extended to every household, improve the villagers home life configuration. "

it is understood that the rural promotion is an important starting point for Jingdong channel sink. Through the incentive mechanism, online shopping, playboy, invited to understand influential rural consumers, joining the Jingdong of the electricity supplier to the countryside team, become the main force of the electricity supplier to the countryside.

The number of

, the promotion of the rapid growth of rural Jingdong, according to the plan, the promotion of rural Jingdong at the beginning of March 2015 will exceed 3000 people, the number of service center opened in 30, covering more than 50 counties. This figure will directly stimulate the growth of the amount of rural orders for more rural consumers to enjoy the convenience of online shopping services to provide data support.

and Jiangsu City, the Yanghe River, the first pilot service station opened in the town of Suqian, then ignited the first rural electricity market Suning compete for the fire.

according to the general manager of Suning Xuzhou District Zhu Xiang, the Yanghe River Town, suning.com service station on January 23, 2015 officially opened, by 3 Suning staff responsible for the operation. Service stations in order to sample the two-dimensional code based, covering the daily, department stores, home appliances, 3C, food and beverage, Mu Yingmei makeup and other categories, but also placed a small amount of physical goods for local residents to experience the trial. In addition to the sale of goods, service stations will also have the brand promotion, shopping consumption, financial management, logistics, after-sales service, convenience services, investment and other six functions.

of course, the rural market coveted business enterprise not only Jingdong, suning. As early as December 18, 2014, Alibaba has officially launched the thousand counties million village plan, ready to invest 10 billion yuan in three to five years, the establishment of the county’s 1000 operating centers and village level service stations.

rural market or into electricity supplier blue ocean

Ali, Jingdong, Suning and other electricity supplier companies to force the rural electricity supplier is the reason for the huge consumption potential of rural areas in china. In recent years, as a second tier city market growth rate gradually slowed down, the rapid growth of the rural market is becoming Chinese electricity supplier giants military a hotly contested spot.

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the thirty-fifth China Internet development statistics report shows that as of 2014>

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