3721 new YAHOO assistant play tricks again

In recent days, Jinshan customer service center, emergency response center received a large number of users to help, saying that after the normal shutdown, re boot, Windows XP system can not be activated. WindowsXP system boot, the boot list in either normal or select safe mode, are not normally enter the system, and then automatically restart the machine, so the cycle, using system repair and other measures can not start the system. Kingsoft emergency treatment center after receiving the report, immediately arrange for anti virus engineer tracking effect, the system cannot boot file "CnsMinKP soon found. Sys".


1. When you are using to buy boxed Kingsoft, please boot the computer with CD-ROM, delete the following files in DOS%systemroot%system32driversCnsMinKP. Sys.

2. You are using the download version of Kingsoft, Kingsoft in normal use on the machine tool "to create a rescue disk" program, creating the five emergency system disk. Then use the emergency disk to boot the computer, delete the following files can be%systemroot%system32driversCnsMinKP.

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