Have you been hidden rules by Taobao

many people will ask me how to operate their own online shop, and many stores in Taobao online friends are caught in a vicious circle, some businesses earn tens of thousands of others burst full moon, which is neglected No one shows any interest in Taobao, in the so-called "unspoken rule".

is hidden in the official unspoken rule under the rules can not see the light of the black box operation rules and principles, but it is a generally accepted rule. Taobao users should be able to know, this is the so-called reputation rules.

taobao.com after years of ups and downs has established his dominance of online shop. In the early days of Taobao shop sellers also said that a few years of business is not as good as in previous years. Although the number of Taobao shopping is growing, the same number of Taobao shop is also rapid development. Early years as long as there is a good supply will have orders, and now the goods are no longer good reputation can only be shut in the dark house. Many sellers see through the truth, have to use some means to improve the credibility of cheating. There are those who have a month to their online shop brush crown reputation. (that is, to sell ten thousand items within a month, and each is well received by the buyer) and the data is difficult for many years to sell Taobao sellers.

imagine if most of the sellers are doing business with this behavior, how those rules of the seller, may have half a month to sell a commodity, may also rely on some paid promotion methods to obtain profit. (Taobao rule is more credibility of the goods and store in the front row, the buyer is generally to the credibility of the quality of the goods set) although taobao.com years for this behavior to clean up a part of the illegal sellers, but those are like a drop in the bucket, the data is of no importance. And with the end of the campaign, brush the credibility of the behavior and rising.

is the unspoken rule that many stores in Taobao online sellers to some real transaction by complain incessantly, survival people because the ranking is unknown and can only choose to leave, some people hold a charge anyway not mentality continues.

if you are a seller of Taobao, please touch your conscience, your online shop was hidden rules it?

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