B2C professional development to promote a virtuous cycle of consumption

with the rapid development of the network, B2C e-commerce website with its convenient, fast characteristics by more users of all ages. Compared to traditional shopping malls, B2C e-commerce sites can be classified in detail, providing users with a greater choice of space. Through the electronic platform for the display of goods, customers can make a better understanding of the mall merchandise, customers realize the purpose of online shopping at home.

B2C in recent years in the field of product sales to the professional development, such as making shoes, the main brand sports shoes of the main men’s shirts Eslite, the main diamond drill, nine main cosmetics poster net and so on. From the point of view of the classification of goods, these sites are equivalent to the store, the refinement of goods to facilitate consumer choice. From the point of view of turnover, only sell a class of products, human resources are relatively concentrated, sales continued to grow.

for B2C enterprises, due to the lack of entity between products and consumers before purchase to touch and feel, basically is the space consumption, so consumers of online consumer will have some concerns, if not a good corporate reputation and service initiatives is difficult for consumers to form the loyalty to the B2C enterprises.

as a family of online shopping are aware of the proliferation of online fakes, to ensure that the supply of genuine B2C online shopping mall by the family welcome. Main brand sports shoes shoes network, directly from the manufacturers purchase, not through third parties, genuine guarantee, in the supply of goods to protect the interests of consumers. Despite the low price level can not be compared with the C2C shop, but making shoes in the goods, customer service service fidelity and other advantages to win the most consumers, especially online shopping family brand and quality oriented groups in this part.

has a good user experience at any time is the most important, so as to obtain the trust of users and is convenient for users to buy goods, for example, website image, site navigation, column section, shopping process, product display, payment, service information, customer service guarantee and so on, will have a lot of impact on the user experience. In the B2C site, the old customer’s word of mouth is the fastest speed, but also in our site visits and transaction orders, a considerable degree of contribution to the old customers.

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