Food electricity supplier get your supply chain to talk about tongue economy

"tongue 2" was finally launched, the first episode called "footsteps", many students see tears splinters. Whether it is inside the boy climbing a tree mining bee, or fishermen a day of hard work, even left-behind children helpless are enough to make many chowhound forget that they are looking at delicacy, not a sensational film. Wipe the tears, while the students began wondering where I can get a piece of that 20 kinds of delicacy, while thinking about what is a set of


remember a tongue inside the Yellow bun? Xibei village boss after watching the tongue, immediately drove hundreds of kilometers, find the founder of yellow steamed bun, sold to the exclusive formula, Sibelius became a famous dish. The tongue has been far beyond the scope of the documentary, because provoke chowhound’s heart is delicacy, provoking businessman’s heart is the business of delicacy. Which the food business enterprise will inevitably compete with each other, and even the crazy night, mmet. The induced electricity supplier of another season exams.

food electricity supplier I bought net in the trailer by watching "tongue 2" after all, specially designed tongue did purchase page, and advance in their respective regions distribution stations, such as the east station: 176 goods, North Station: 68, Southern China: 70. The "tongue 2" pre-sale goods in North China has 5 stations, respectively, mint, octopus, jumping fish, carp, eel; synchronized three stations have 12 models: contains different specifications, sausage, honey, honey locust, Ganoderma lucidum, gastrodin, and pickled crab. Including Shangri-La mushroom, bamboo shoots, Jinhua ham, fresh vegetables and more covering, flavoring agent, all the "tongue 1" delicacy.

, according to my network, said the purchase of the page on the line, sales blowout. Honey to do examples, in the online shopping topic online an hour snatched group 587.

in China’s electricity supplier industry, the role of any of the Tmall can not be missed. Tmall in fresh produce customized, in addition to the launch of dozens of Chinese local specialty network, also make imported crabs have been engaged in pre-sales activities. The tongue launch, Tmall also reached a cooperation with CCTV, build integrated communication experience platform, synchronized starting "tongue 2" each program in food recipes and delicacy.

"tongue" documentary series, induced by the electricity supplier after quarter exams, tongue brings an opportunity, or trouble? Said the opportunity to present agricultural products is the ratio of the minimum industry accounted for the electronic commerce, about less than 1% of total social retail sales, instead of clothing has accounted for 17% of total social retail sales. 3C products accounted for 15%. Huge market growth, the appliance providers are all seen as the last piece of virgin land in the electricity industry, "the tongue" is undoubtedly an electricity supplier of fresh aphrodisiac; but also said that predicament, fresh electricity supplier unlike other electricity suppliers, the standard is low, warehousing and distribution requirements, sometimes need throughout the cold chain preservation, loss rate large business enterprise often send a single loss of a single. To survive in this industry, and become king, the need is very strong supply chain capabilities, but also to have a strong

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