Tmall books published 3 times the size of Jingdong book sales

days ago, held in Beijing, the book industry agency shop conference, Tmall books for the first time disclosed book consumption data, Tmall to 7 billion 500 million market leading online book. Yesterday, Tmall audio book 2 Zhang Wei in an interview bluntly, the Jingdong of pure proprietary platform without transformation, will soon be eliminated.

from 2015, the two sides revealed data show that the size of the sale of Tmall books has been 3 times earlier than Jingdong books.

Jingdong Book pure proprietary model will be eliminated?

Zhang Wei told reporters that, in addition to Jingdong, the major books self platform Dangdang, Amazon, etc. have settled in Tmall, and mutual cooperation depth. At present, Tmall has formed a more than 2 thousand private booksellers, more than and 50 domestic mainstream press and other components of the ecological system. All kinds of businesses rely on the distribution system provided by Tmall and C2B reverse customization, O2O solutions, and consumers to establish a close relationship, in the next three years will continue to maintain rapid growth.

from the National Book display book retail market observation system, online book scale has reached 28 billion in 2015. Tmall’s first published book data show that in 2015 Tmall book sales reached 7 billion 500 million, the growth rate of up to 73%. In mid June, Tmall single day sales of nearly 30 million yuan, double the same day, Tmall sold nearly 30 million copies of the book in a day of nearly 10 million books.

Zhang Wei said in a telephone interview with this newspaper, said in 2015, Tmall book sales have exceeded the number of online book platform, but also to get rid of a large Jingdong book. This is similar to the Jingdong to go it alone, by pure platform press dealers continuation of price tactics of the direct mode, in the new round of the tide, will soon be eliminated.

According to foreign Jingdong

data show that the Jingdong in 2015 during the "618 years to promote, daily book sales last more than 10 million, in November 1, the 11 day period, total sales of 8 million 600 thousand books.

Dangdang, Amazon and Tmall alliance with

it is worth noting that the major online book sales platform, such as Tmall, Dangdang, Amazon, etc., more than a blend of the situation clearly.

The latest

Dangdang data show that in 2015 the annual hot "secret garden" listed 3 months Dangdang sales exceeded 1 million copies, 2015 annual sales reached 1 million 500 thousand copies, including 620 thousand copies from Tmall official flagship store sold.

since October 2012, Tmall officially settled Dangdang, Dangdang Tmall flagship store in Tmall book platform for 3 consecutive years ranked first in sales, in the past two years is more stable to maintain a high growth rate of more than 90%. Affected by the rapid growth of business books, still Tmall opened up Home Furnishing Dangdang flagship store, in more than one category of clothing to once again cooperate with Tmall.


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