About the new top level domain name Biz nfo Name Pro

based articles (for users who do not understand the new domain)

a, about the new top-level domain name

1, what is the new top-level domain?
new top-level domain is the global domain name of top management ICANN in November last year to meet the market demand and expand the domain name, after many years of exploration and development of
and decided to launch a unanimous decision by the. A new round of top-level domain has great commercial value and development potential. The emergence of the new top-level domain name is in the existing traditional 7 generic top-level domain (.Com,.Net,.Org,.Edu,.Gov, mil,.Int) in the case of new supply. The newly added 7 top-level domains are.Biz,.Info,.Name,.Pro,.Aero,.Coop,.Museum suffix, that is, we are now talking about the new top-level domain name.

2, why do you want to launch a new top-level domain?

3, what are the new top-level domains?
added 7 new top-level domains are:.Biz,.Info,.Name,.Pro,.Aero,.Coop,.Museum. There are 4 non restricted domain, 3 is a restricted area, such as the.Aero industry needs to be registered,.Museum is registered to.Coop Museum, is a collective enterprise (non investment control, without profit maximization) registration. Their uses are as follows:
.biz—– is used to replace the.Com top-level domain, suitable for commercial company; (Note: biz business is used by
.info—- to shrink); top-level domain instead of.Com for companies to provide information services; the top domain
.name—- is dedicated to the people;

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