Taobao Qianjun million yards strategy first mobile phone code will see Saul


] March 19th news billion state power network, billion state power network has learned, Alibaba has recently accelerated the popularization and cultivation of the habit of users scan the code, a key strategy is to do this on the express parcel. The specific form is to encourage users to scan the two-dimensional code on the seller concerned about the micro Amoy account.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the Taobao mobile phone scan code promotion project called "sweep Shenma", combined with the seller in the two-dimensional code printed on the package, and the two-dimensional code is the official Taobao specific shops to use the two-dimensional code, the user can order by scanning the two-dimensional code will receive various types of discounts or incentives.

has orders for customers to scan the code to enter the page

It is reported that

, Saul Shenma project since last year twelve officially launched, specifically divided into three stages: the first stage is "scraping sweep code red, from December 12, 2013 to January 12, 2014, the user to scan two-dimensional code package has the opportunity to get the highest 4999 yuan red envelopes; second period from March 8th to June 5th, the reward is shaking packs (including red envelopes of cash and set points Po two); and the third period has not yet started, but the mobile phone Taobao set the goal is to allow users to remember the scan code, see the code will sweep".

As for the two-dimensional code oriented

landing page, participated in the activities of the seller PurCotton relevant responsible person told billion state power network, micro Amoy account the first phase of the two-dimensional code scanning will realize the shop’s automatic attention, the second stage will be set free by the seller, you can import the micro Amoy account, can also be directly into the shop.

in addition, billion state power network also learned that the mobile phone Taobao will scan two-dimensional code package customers into two kinds, one is the order scan code (i.e. in the shop under the orders of customers), one is no order scan code (referring to himself not in the single shop, but a friend wrapped scan the two-dimensional code customer). There are orders to sweep the code of the customer will enter the reward page, and no orders to sweep the code of the customer will enter the mobile phone shop page.

According to the person in charge of the above

, the seller is currently involved in the activities of the package sweep rate (Note: sweep rate = sweep code UV/ wrapped in UV) in 40% or more of the effect is good, especially high sweep rate can reach up to 91%. Among them, women’s clothing, food and other large orders, re purchase rate category sweep rate will be relatively higher.

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