Business intelligence and its application in electronic commerce

business intelligence (Business Intelligence BI) is to combine the data warehouse, data mining and OLAP technology, search, analysis of business information, so as to obtain a new method of decision support knowledge at all levels of the enterprise. Today, the rapid development of e-commerce, no influence on the activities and development of enterprises. In this paper, we will study the application of business intelligence in e-commerce transactions, so that e-commerce can create profit and value for enterprises.

1 application background and current situation

the rapid growth of modern social information, enterprises in decision-making has become more confusing and complex. Business intelligence (Business Intelligence BI) proposed by Howard Dresner, is the business information collection, analysis, processing, and a scientific method for enterprise decision knowledge, to make business decisions and business activities become more reasonable and competitive.

business intelligence mainly uses data warehouse, on-line analytical processing, data mining and other technologies to achieve decision-making, in order to achieve intelligent decision-making.

e-commerce is a new concept with the rapid growth of information, is the use of information and network value added to achieve a new business model. E-commerce is mainly reflected in the application of network technology to promote the transformation and management of enterprises in order to achieve greater profits. The biggest application of e-commerce in the enterprise is the online transaction, that is, the enterprise sells products and services on the Internet, to achieve information flow, logistics and capital flow, through the network to achieve value added.

this paper focuses on how to use business intelligence in e-commerce transactions, so that enterprises can make more reasonable decisions to enhance online transactions, so as to achieve greater profits.

2 business intelligence

business intelligence first by Gartner Group Howard Dresner first proposed in 1989, is the collection, management and analysis of business information, the purpose is to make corporate decision makers at all levels to acquire knowledge, to make more rational decision. The BI architecture is shown in figure 1.

BI first to extract useful data collected by different data sources, the data cleaning to ensure the accuracy of the data, the data will be converted, reconstruction after loading data warehouse or data mart, and the data were treated with the appropriate tools, information into decision-making knowledge; the knowledge in front of the user, provide a reference for management decisions.

in recent years, the research of business intelligence mainly includes the core technology, implementation architecture, application system research.

(1) core technology. The core technology research is mainly on the data warehouse and data mining algorithm and implementation. Its research focuses on tracking the latest developments in related technologies, such as the study of data warehousing in data integration

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