24 coupons founder and investor conflicts intensified the official said stable operation

news (reporter Li Bin) buy continued losses can not be listed, the relationship between investors and entrepreneurs continue to deteriorate. After, Groupon drained yesterday, the top 24 group purchase website ticket two internal mail display, since last weekend, Du Yinan CEO (micro-blog) proposed officially lifted investor members of the working group’s position, and investment representatives also announced to stop 24 coupons.

24 coupons the largest investor in the successful group with Du Yinan for the last two months after the breakdown of the communication negotiations, the two sides were released mail, accusing each other to set up an empty space of 24 coupons. Mail shows that Du Yinan officially lifted the investor stationed in 24 coupons staff, and investors have also announced the cessation of the announcement of the capital injection to the 24. Mail shows that investors believe that Du Yinan and his management team have committed 24 errors caused by the current decline in the bill, the founder and management team to reduce the equity from the current 40% to $3%. The proposal was strongly opposed to the 24 ticket management, but also the root cause of the outbreak of conflict.

yesterday, the 24 official statement said the bond, the current stable operation of the 24 coupons, did not suffer the impact of Du Yinan and investors". The company will wait for Du Yinan to return after the final decision of the board of directors".

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