Teach you how to make money to improve the mall volume

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business, the aim of the course is to make money, and by what to know you make money no obvious methods is the natural volume, so most businesses consider the question is how to improve the volume? How to improve it, here are several ways to facilitate exchange.

first: arouse the desire of shoppers to buy

buy site is now very fire, the reason, I think, or fight price war. Price concessions, discounts, natural stimulus spending. Go to the mall or supermarket, I always buy some did not intend to buy anything, why? Just suddenly saw this thing to fight a discount badly, there is a natural feel, since the heart that natural action. Now Taobao, often find that some businesses get the limited time special purchase activities, or to send you some gifts, or some back enough coupons, in short, there are a variety of tricks, the main purpose is to stimulate consumers to buy natural desire, desire, and action, the volume will go up.

second: the quality of the goods themselves through

marketing is always just a means, but to maintain a long time, if you want to rely on quality. I may be attracted by the big discount, but the final consideration is the quality of the goods. If there is a discount, the quality is good or too good to buy, buy, of course, to improve the volume. This approach is not too much fancy available, will lay the solid product quality, it is not to say. However, personally think that this is the most basic approach.

third: intent to guide

shoppers perhaps being discounts to attract into your site, of course, now even similar goods, it can also be referred to as dazzling. So, all you have to do is to be guided by your intentions, and you can give him some tricks that are not offensive. For example, if someone saw you store a pair of shoes, and showing inventory is really not much, you can say: you really have a good taste, the shoe is the most popular style this year, almost sold out and so on a little hint. However, not anxious, have seen some salesperson in the store, see the customer does not want to buy meaning when it is urgent, and some should not say will blurt out, this is a failure of the guide. To seize the minds of shoppers, the direction of leakage, the subconscious mind to accept you, they will make a corresponding response, and this response is naturally a business deal.

fourth: after sales service

after-sales service is equivalent to have a security commitment, if the goods have any problems, is to be able to get business to solve. A business if there is a good reputation, which is very important, both to the user has been able to buy goods at ease, but also to attract new users to buy.

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