King B2C of local businesses welcome fitting group

online shopping, this is not what fresh things, but the disadvantages of large online shop for the products can only see the photos, profiles, but can not try on, which makes "online shopping" is often the freeloaders and Xinlimeidi, shop fitting, online bargains "fitting" which came into being, and continue to grow, they go to the mall to pick the new clothes, and trying them on, write down the number of clothes, or using a mobile phone to take clothes, but is not to buy, what to do? Then go home after scouring the same style, major shopping malls counters have become their public "the fitting room".

although the store has a shop to stick to their incomparable advantages in brand quality and substantial, but they also have to face the impact of the shop, contemporary consumer stress is exquisite and affordable, as a commodity, the price on the Internet can at least more than 30% cheaper, people will naturally choose online shopping. Only 2009 trading volume on 200 billion, in this kind of contradiction intensified in the background, future business trends will be unified online and physical stores.

business complaints: very depressed and helpless

in order to deal with the increasingly crazy "family" copy, businesses have begun to take some measures to prevent, but these measures are basically palliatives, some may bring negative influence to businesses, and even unnecessary trouble. Most of the store on the "number copying clan, more helpless, businesses are trying to number off, but this will not only give the goods warehousing, sales statistics, trouble, or difficult to stop taking pictures with cameras or mobile phone customers, some shops also hang out" no photo, no copy number "slogan however, many customers to buy things is not very understanding, some customers have to buy, but try a few clothes, it was a waiter in the cold, this service is king of the times, is likely to lose a lot of customers.

the battle of wits: a win-win situation is king

no matter how the market changes, but the truth will never change, is to take the customer as the center, the entity shop in the face of competition, should also strain change, and change the way, in addition to offering discount and concessions to attract consumers to provide warm and thoughtful service to your customers to make up for the disadvantage in price, but also you can try to take the store and shop combining the management mode.

but the store will not have to worry about the shop completely replaced, after all, for many people, the store’s purpose is not to buy things, it is a kind of indispensable leisure lifestyle, and online shopping goods is restricted, many goods should not be used in the form of online shopping.

and shop are not affected by the location, time limit, or even from the store size limitations, and even the seasonal limitation, many shops unsalable goods may be on the network sales is very good, not only earn popularity and earn money, between this, many businesses began to develop shop, price is not the same, can get off different.

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