The price of rice farmers demand and policy

what is the Registrar to attract minon


1: m to secure

2: free transfer

3: transaction with price PUSH

4: transaction amount can be raised after

5: can receive online transfer password

6: cheap

for the 6 requirements minon registrar, which renamed accounted for 4, and accounted for 5. The rich and free from Internet users to form long-term development mentality, a registered business price cheaper, better publicity, so his users will be more, but now there is a very strange the phenomenon of "is an old brand registered business, with its keen market sense, and the majority of growers approved registration technology, and let competitors feel afraid of the price system, to be in the competition intense market growers survive. But today," the biggest rival a rich network the direct challenge to the service and price ", but we see that it has a market of old brand sensitive registrar – renamed, but don’t take that," the attitude makes people feel strange. Why is this? The following is an analysis of my.

"ignore the rich may be one reason:

in the Red Sea competition, renamed victory, since renamed early in the service and the various advantages of combination for themselves to win a large number of large, so named for big may be different from the small price policy, and renamed to the brand and service in the size of rice farming is a word of mouth, so "for small implementation of distinction. This name of income will not have much impact.

"ignore rich possible reasons two:

"current emphasis is not to attract new rice farmers, while the main business in the name registered above. All the world knows. CN cybersquatting is one of the best in the country, the staff is not enough or is doing business as the main business more profitable mode," not easy to adjust his name registration price, therefore "do not change the original price policy.

"ignore rich possible reasons three:


years of wind "feel the groundless talk, the price is not only way to attract users, the price may not have been attracting users, users come, the price is an important factor, but leave the user, service is the most important, so" not easily in the price aspect is the rich do battle, perhaps being renamed to more service to a rich and competitive.

Analysis of

more than just personal ideas, hope to focus on domestic market and sale market domain friends a lot of talk about


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