Boiled corn can also flourishes

      recently, with the stock market rising, a "big brother to take the lead in the 777" blog Guping three month hits more than 10 million times. At the same time, investors are also eyeing the domain name associated with the eldest brother of the domain name, including,,, and the eldest brother eldest brother 100 involving domain names have been registered.
  in addition, what they see is a hot domain investors registered what. Reporters in Taobao, eBay and other trading platform to see, including the opening date of the Olympic Games, O, Y letters, 2008 or even the name of the name of the Fuwa, all of the price is not cheap. One of the "www.2008 China Olympic special network.Com" domain name out of the more * * * * million price.

Why was the crazy

part of the domain name cybersquatting, behind what is the benefits and risks of what? It is reported that the city also has a number of active domain name investment in the field of corn bug (the name of the Internet domain name investors). Reporters recently approached the local corn bug, listen to their experience and insights in this industry.
Akang engaged in computer sales, about 30 years old, he introduced himself to the reporter: "I am a" corn bug "." In this business, "corn" is the "domain name" homophonic, who registered the domain name they have registered the domain name is called "boiled corn".

Kang and the industry "electric shock" is not a long time. In 2005, through a friend, "join", then one thing impressed him most was Google in Chinese, spent $1 million from the domain name holder will hand "" domain name "redeem" back.

"I am a rookie, because the funds are limited, the domain name only more than and 10, has not sold a. Prior to a negotiation but did not succeed, because the price difference between the two sides more." It is reported that Kang is currently working with a local company to negotiate with the price of 10 thousand yuan, is expected to make the first single transaction.

reporter met on the Internet called a "CC" friends, she sold their own domain name online auction. Through chat, the reporter learned that, CC itself engaged in web design, inadvertently understand the domain name registration business, and then become a domain name agent.
industry temptation

domain name investment or "overnight storm"

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