Jiaxing SEO Taobao seller’s way out there


SEO is 08 years to start playing Taobao, Taobao played gray industrial chain, all kinds of brush credit practices, Wangwang group, account sale and a series of industry chain are more familiar with. 08 years at Taobao told the development period, when Taobao shop is very simple, every day about 100 visitors a day can also sold several pens, earn a living is not a problem, but in the 09 years I slowly began to withdraw from the Tao Baodi line, because I found that Taobao is getting small rules the seller is difficult to survive, I was very determined to give up the Taobao shop gray industrial transformation. Later, the main contact is more than Taobao sellers, often hear them complain to me more and more difficult to do Taobao, the business is not good before, all kinds of train, consumer protection, Wang shop, picture space… A series of disguised charges are more and more, to good business is to meet the mandatory targets, so the continuous operational costs, the profits increasingly thin, all feel in work for Taobao, this is many sellers to me to reflect the situation, I can only say that this is not Taobao the problem is the inevitable result of social development, the development of Taobao, Taobao opened a store before the monthly income is worth in the first half of the income of the factory workers, so more people stampede in low threshold investment, attract high profits resulting in a large laid-off unemployed people, working-class society, and now the development of white-collar workers, School Students, companies have invested in, want to seize a piece of delicious cheese. A lot of people have asked me, and now Taobao can not do, how should I do? I’m going to talk about their own experience summed up a few Taobao to share with you.

a zero cost to open Taobao shop, monthly income of $

1, we all know that Taobao shop need to supply goods, to sell it, but for the novice friends, if your purchase cost is very high, the risk is relatively large, such factors have spawned a new sales model is distribution, distribution is the meaning of the establishment of sales channels, product sales to consumers through certain channels. From this point of view, any kind of sales we can call it the distribution. That is, the distribution of products from the production site to the location of the sales process, the product must be through a certain distribution mode to reach the hands of consumers. Our Taobao distribution is relatively simple is my source, then everyone help me sell, someone bought by my delivery, you sell other people to make money in the middle of the difference, so do not need to purchase and stockpile, greatly reduces the problem of funds and operational risk, so there are a large number of people to join in the distribution industry to. The same resources sellers are willing to send their products out and everyone together to buy, sell a person of course but more than 100 individuals to sell more easily, so the suppliers have also tasted the sweetness of the bidding agency seller, such a complete industrial chain is established, the original is that can take the money at home you have zero cost as long as you go online, just put in time and energy.

2, how to do a monthly income of million yuan, which is most concerned, many people may say I say that, say these >

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