Fresh fruit into the agricultural takeaway three axe enough

company after a busy white-collar, afternoon with a mobile phone instant delivery of fruit to treat yourself, this is the "farm fresh fruit" this line takeaway platform envisaged application scenarios.



after the Spring Festival in 2015, the site of the fresh agricultural and the same name APP will officially enter the market, covering all areas of Beijing, the future of Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and other cities will gradually open.

now, online ordering platform development like a raging fire, and the fruit joint line of fruit shop, fruit supermarket "take out" is a new mode: platform and line shop must go through each run in phase, and gradually cultivate habits of users. Agricultural fresh and responsible person said Nana, from three directions to do a good job of fruit take this thing.

first Axe: the integration of multi line shop resources

and Nana introduction, farmers can live through the online platform for the store to attract customers and orders. After the user enters our website or APP, you can see the area and the surrounding the fruit shop, after entering the shop can buy goods shelves, there will be a special delivery personnel rapid delivery."

fresh agricultural business has now completed the first phase of the building, in Beijing and more than and 300 stores have been reached under the line of cooperation. According to the current situation is expected, farmers will be formally launched in the new year after the Chinese new year, while Beijing’s cooperation will reach thousands of stores." Talking to Nana.

at the present stage, in the fresh agricultural cooperation in the next line shop in chain stores accounted for 80%, such as 181 basket convenient service station, fresh fruit in the supermarket, many farms Chinese terminal shops etc.. Nana pointed out that this is due to the cooperation with chain stores can rapidly expand the coverage area, and community stores and shop etc. the next line stores need more people to push and time. "In the future, farmers and students will cooperate with the community property, so that the property to help farmers living in the vicinity of the search for cooperatives."

According to

billion state power network to understand, the Spring Festival, fresh agricultural business started running after the inaugural fruit supermarket, association of chain stores will according to the operating condition of fresh agricultural business arrangements settled in the platform.

in the first phase of the operation of fresh agricultural production, farmers will choose from the fruit of the fruit shop to choose a part of the store shelves to the platform. When the user orders, the courier will be the first place in the order of cooperation in the region of the fruit shop to purchase the order required products, and then quickly delivered to the user. The future, the agricultural fresh hope line shop can operate independently of fresh agricultural platform shops, with "settled" mode and fresh agricultural cooperation.

second Axe: "everyone is a courier"

in addition to the support of the store resources, do fruit takeaway, fast delivery is the key. Fresh farmers will be "1 hours to" as a marketing and promotion of the project

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