A number of online shop issued a notice Express brother to holiday Pro fast orders

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Zhu Weiliang) less than 10 days away from the Spring Festival, many shop issued a notice saying: pro, fast orders, no longer shipped over the next two days." With the courier after another holiday, courier companies have entered the labor shortage". 8 days, reporters interviewed the city’s major Shentong express delivery companies, and bes Huitong has made clear that, from 9 onwards no longer receive foreign parts; and the so-called "year-round" SF is to increase, foreign parts per ticket rose 1 yuan, the Spring Festival holiday 7 days per Ticket Surcharge 10 yuan service fee.

online shopping order to seize

white-collar Miss Wu complained, nearly two days in Taobao to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival was a reminder service, "pro, express 7 days to stop delivery, we are only the beginning of the eight delivery, not in a hurry. Please order after years." Miss Wu said after listening to suddenly feel kind of plug. It is understood that Miss Wu is not isolated cases. Reporters at taobao.com asked several snack shop, the waiter said, no later than 10 days before delivery, after basically can not find a courier company, unless the consumer is willing to send money by sf.

reporter then interviewed the city’s major courier companies. Responsible for the Pearl River Metro area for STO is the last batch of foreign employees to express, a busy afternoon began to eat lunch at 2. According to reports, STO from February 9th onwards, no longer charge outside the province, the province will continue to charge, the city of 8 yuan, 10 yuan in the price unchanged. But they said that the policy does not rule out a few days to continue to adjust, if you want to send the best in recent days.

bes Huitong express customer service said, from the beginning of 9 do not accept foreign parts, from Guangzhou to Beijing for example, to send a trip to Beijing for three or four days, but already 14 days, Beijing Railway Station staff have a holiday home, no one to send pieces. At present, the city courier, courier is still receiving the province, but the timeliness of distribution than ever before. The customer service said, BES Huitong in 10 days and the delivery policy adjustment, she reminded to understand the latest situation in advance.

"year-round" also have spring mode

rhyme express official website, said the company will continue to respond to the State Post Bureau in 2011, the year round, the Spring Festival, the whole network to provide customers with express mail service. But according to the plan, before February 18th the whole network express service to maintain normal aging; during the period of February 19th – 24, courier service time will be adjusted, running express slowed aging in February 25th after the return to normal. Although the statement is clear, but in fact the situation has changed. A rhyme of Baiyun District express site responsible person said, at present had stopped receiving foreign parts, two days after the province is likely to stop charging.

tact courier official website also issued a notice that, as in the past will implement the "year-round" concept, during the Spring Festival will provide uninterrupted express delivery service, full protection during the Spring Festival "endless network, not to reject, not the backlog". Yuantong express from February 18th – 22 day (New Year’s Eve is the beginning of the four month) during the Spring Festival in February 23rd (normal operation mode, the beginning of the five month) has gradually entered the "

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