Sea Amoy attention The wrong goods category or will pay more tax

"high quality and inexpensive" is a lot of people choose the sea Amoy in mind, some people will choose to mail, however, once the category of goods declaration is wrong, be careful when a tax. Yesterday, Guangzhou customs party members, deputy director Lai Shujia led the line "Guangdong hotline", to respond to the sea Amoy topic.

case feedback

tax than the goods after the review of the tax greatly reduced

October 11th, Guangzhou customs launched the "hotline", Jiangxi Nanchang Miss Nie reflect, buy perfume and shampoo in Hongkong, a cosmetics official website, spent a total of 569 yuan, after he was told to levy the tax of $909, which made her very surprised. Guangzhou customs responded, Miss NIE to buy 5 bottles of perfume, is levied in accordance with the 60% tax price of 300 yuan per bottle of the total tax levied 900 yuan, plus a shampoo tax 9 yuan. Because of dissatisfaction with the tax standards, ms..

yesterday, Guangzhou Customs on the line again, Lai Shujia said, through the customs audit, accepting the parties to provide price information at the same time, in accordance with the law of the tax levied again, a total of 201.6 yuan of tax, and notify the postal department sent a miss nie.

sea Amoy family doubts

post tax standards do not understand


last month in Spain at the beginning of a website, buy 8 boxes of grape seed Ningcai anti wrinkle skin soft capsule, a total cost of 90 pounds, in Guangzhou customs parcel tax levied 302 yuan. Miss single feel wrong, more than 800 yuan (RMB), was levied a tax of nearly 38%. She was told to call the customs service, health care products tax rate is 15%, but the postal service to declare her as "other cleaning care products", according to the tax rate of 30% tax. But 38% of the standard is come from? The doubts of a single miss and then apply for a review.

yesterday in the course of the program, the number of single Miss mail customs staff query, feedback information, Miss mail declaration of the name is a skin care product, 108 pounds, according to the customs declaration according to the provisions of the electronic mail information applicable tax rate of 30%, or 302 yuan. After the review, according to the information provided by the parties, to determine the product for health care products, the price is 90 pounds, the applicable tax rate of 15% levied taxes 117 yuan.

customs response

according to the accurate reporting of name and price of

Lai Shujia said that the face of a large number of Customs mail, is the use of computer automatic collection name, classification, tax calculation. The customs will generally be taxed in accordance with the dutiable value released, if the value table does not specify the goods, the customs may adopt the sources of the purchase price, so passengers in return of goods must truthfully declare the purchase price. Miss a single commodity clearance, the postal company on behalf of its declaration, declared the price and category are wrong. Lai Shujia said that the parties in the post office to send mail and

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