Comparative analysis of the six online shop system

shopEx: Needless to say, the industry is well known, excellent technology, market leading, powerful brand hard, perennial leading online software market, but also the extraordinarily high price, less template of the individual industrial and commercial households; and small businesses may be not suitable for


Ecshop: a few months ago, friends need to build a online shop, the original has been hovering between shopEx and Ecshop, and now the official description: "Shanghai business school network has acquired Comsenz’s online software ECShop series software (including Ecshop, Ecmall, Maifou, etc.) to obtain the products of the ownership and management, ShopEx and ECShop two shop products with the development of the background and the value of similar concept," the phenomenon of product homogeneity, and talked about the integration, I always wonder, community is a community, e-commerce e-commerce, e-commerce to Ma Qiang Yun, still take YAHOO MEIZHE is destined to return in the acquisition Comsenz diversified


ProBIZ: Boshang Java Enterprise Edition security technology, powerful, good service for enterprises to carry out multi electronic commerce, the price of tens of thousands of people; they do not consider the

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odd Eshop: technical line, reasonable price, free, commercial, template, template rough,

ShopXG: Hangzhou is carrying the purchase network on the basis of the original apparel e-commerce platform to build a product into the initial stage, according to the template, exquisite, short development cycle, low price, perfect service system of infinite space, technology, and their VTEditor "visual " template editing software, even if the program code can not understand the development of the site quickly won the market, waiting for the market to further verification; however, if you do not understand web design, this set is suitable for the


Music Shop: official statement, the market growth rate of the fastest online shopping system, sub standard edition, enterprise edition, service support is also a natural law;

Based on the

friends to open shop and Study on several major shopping software, if you want to choose a cost-effective system, or ShopXG you suggest you want to suggest you use the brand with shopEx, each of the products all have advantages and disadvantages, combined with their own conditions, comprehensive consideration of


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