Who in the domestic trouble and foreign invasion threat to Taobao

this year, a few things related to Taobao triggered the author’s thinking. At the beginning of March, Tmall President Wang Yulei was dismissed by the industry concerned, and after this, Tmall President Wang Yulei dismissed Zhang Jianfeng, Tmall, Taobao, Juhuasuan unified management. In addition, Alibaba group’s Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan unified integration as Alibaba China retail platform". The other is that not long ago, Taobao 3.18 life festival deserted Festival ended, ability compared with Tmall made Taobao, the former is inferior by comparison. In my opinion, these details reflect, Taobao is facing increasingly difficult predicament.

Tmall Taobao

balance tends to be a stumbling block on the road?

according to 2014 Alibaba reported that the total transaction price of Alibaba China retail platform was 787 billion yuan, an increase of 49%. Among them, the total amount of transactions on Taobao mall was 494 billion yuan, an increase of 43%; total transactions on Tmall was $293 billion, an increase of 60%. As can be seen, Taobao still contributed to the bulk of Ali’s sales, but we know that from the beginning of 2012, Taobao’s growth rate has been declining, Tmall’s growth rate has exceeded Taobao.

Ali in the growth, fat Tmall, thin Taobao. We know that Taobao’s growth is supported by Taobao C store sellers as a foreshadowing, Taobao over 8 million of small and medium sellers to build the cornerstone of Taobao business ecology. But since the independence of Tmall, traffic, resources, policies are big sellers Tmall big tilt. Double eleven is typical of Tmall, set a higher threshold will be the topic with the front end of the game, store all advertising, shop home are referring to the double eleven supermarkets and large businesses, connected with the flow into, but in contrast, Taobao twelve is neglected in dilute condition saddle horse.

we know, Tmall in the quality of the route has been very fruitful, whether it is apple, PRADA and other high-end brands have been settled in Tmall, it is understood that the only British brands, it has reached more than and 130. Tmall change Tmall independent investment rules settled at the beginning of March, change oriented investment, which directly pulled up the Tmall settled threshold, but also to strengthen the quality control platform. It can be said that Tmall is on the formation of domestic and international platform for the adsorption of high-end brands, Tmall in the pursuit of quality on the road, but also reshaping the international image of ali. But look at Taobao, the industry are known, in January this year, SAIC released the first half of 2014 under the network commodity transaction directional monitoring, display Taobao to "37.25%" zhengpinlv ranked in the bottom all platforms and triggered a war with Taobao, SAIC, Ali, and even lead to the stock fell continuously. With ALI listing, but Taobao seems to be a stumbling block on the road of internationalization of Ali, compared with Taobao widely criticized for fakes, Tmall is in favor of Tmall and also shoulder the responsibility of the Alibaba brand building.

in spite of this, two sons, Ali can not be too obvious to favor one of them, to know Taobao

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