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said that although the world economic crisis did not bring the world much of the disaster, but the foreign trade enterprises, is undoubtedly a heavy blow, according to the company, many foreign companies automatically started last year substantial layoffs, pay cuts, according to the experience of previous years, the moment is when the foreign trade industry is booming, but this form of foreign trade wing is not optimistic. Foreign large orders, foreign exchange continued to decline. So many foreign trade companies feel the pressure of survival.

while doing small foreign retail business owners Chinese, relying on the excellent website, through the search engine has embarked on the road to get rich. In this case, the company is the secret to their success and we analysis where.

: a small trade secret, do not need a large number of stocks.

According to the

survey company, do small foreign people are individual owners, they will do is to make your own website promotion out on it. Do SEO rankings, do your best to achieve a good conversion rate. There is not much financial pressure, basically there is an order from the manufacturers to get goods, send out. This will have a good time and money to improve other aspects of the site.

tip two: foreign trade retail, huge profits difference.

said that although foreign exchange is not optimistic, but the current ratio of six or a ratio of more than a lot of people can think of the temptation of seven. Domestic products, if it is Yiliangbaiyi, sold to the United States is $one hundred or two hundred, remove the tolls, generally choose the global express parcel, the rest are your own profit, as can be imagined. Just a single day, it’s really good for a person. If the customer is in Europe, a foreign exchange rate of ten, you count it.

tip three: excellent website construction, good user experience, and powerful seo search engine technology.

of course, foreign trade webmaster do are the foreign trade website, although now many online store system, but need to go through their own modifications, such as functional and template, must have its own characteristics, as a webmaster, obviously this advantage, these are able to hold their own. Secondly, in the host selection that foreign trade webmaster are very clear, must choose a foreign server, for example, known as the world’s fastest access HostEase host (http://s.cn.hostease.com/) which is related to the user experience, I don’t want to waste so much time on a web site, will also cause the seller not professional bad impression, not to mention on the website of the order.

first foreign trade retail stations do not necessarily will soon succeed, but if coupled with excellent SEO technology, then in general one to two months to receive orders, although small orders, but every business is from the large do, as long as you work hard, you will succeed.

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