58 city electricity supplier Yao Jinbo said no charges within two years

Yao Yao


Yao Jinbo’s long-awaited 58 city "business" has entered the stage of practical operation. At the beginning of September, as a pilot category, the 58 city of Beijing Railway Station plate second-hand mobile phone will be able to achieve online payment transactions. The transaction payment link the introduction of Alipay and three party payment companies, 58 city responsible for logistics. If the pilot is successful, this model will be extended to other categories. This means that 58 of the city will be transformed from a simple classification information website to the electronic business platform. In Yao Jinbo view, this transformation is very difficult, 58 city also do a good job within two years without considering the preparation of online transactions commission.

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58 city electricity supplier

profit model is the classification of information industry injury. In the current industry in the negative, revenue decline, capital chain tension and the use of IPO and other issues will almost be attributed to the classification of information on the issue of a single profit model. The 58 city to carry out the electricity supplier seems to be a solution to this problem.

There are two main

current source of profit: 58 city network neighborhood through membership and advertising revenue. The former refers to the registered members of the user to pay the fees, such as real estate managers, recruitment company. Registration certification, these members can use the bulk of the interview notification messages and other services. The latter refers to value-added advertising revenue, similar to the PPC search engine. For example, one released a recruitment information, if you are willing to pay the cost of advertising, so the recruitment information can be ranked in the top or search results on top position.

Yao Jinbo said that the current membership fee has accounted for 50% of overall revenue.

classified information website originally some of the other source of revenue is the group purchase, because public comment, Ganji and 58 city opened the group purchase business. But the group does not become a common phenomenon in the industry, the classification information website is no exception. In April this year, Wo Wo Group introduced the joint operation of group purchase business ganji.com, and in July to give up.

and the transformation of electronic business platform is not ready to give up 58 city group. We will not give up, buy will still be a big business, because it is consistent with the life of the service provider platform planning." Yao Jinbo said.

Yao Jinbo referred to the "life service business platform" is roughly this route: 58 city classified information in the existing online transactions can achieve some or all of the online trading function, user transactions in line and non line. This model first in early September in the second-hand mobile phone business pilot. Payment link for the Alipay and other three party payment company, 58 city responsible for logistics. If the pilot is successful, this model will be extended to other categories.

this also means that if the transformation of the success of the electronic business platform, 58 city profit model has increased, that is, the collection of class C2C

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