Rice network second domain name auction will be held in Beijing in September 26th

      Washington, a professional domain information exchange website recently announced: statue statue meters meters, GZ.com, renamed China, 258 commercial search (AnySo), 265.com and many other well-known websites will be in September 26th in Beijing, cuigongfandian jointly held the first value of the domain name China forum, held at the same time by Dawo auction limited company to undertake the second meter statue auction network domain name.

      this auction collected a total of 36 domain names, including BaiDu.net; HuangJin.com YiShu.com; nearly 20 gourmet chinese domain name spelling, and Andy Lau.Com, Shanxi.Com,.Cn Chinese part-time domain, also following the 2006 a domain name auction will succeed high shoot DVD.com.cn, DVD.cn also in this auction Qipai price.  

      immediate auction will be www.zunmi.com in the official website (Domain Name: Chinese statue meters.Com) on public display, accept the bid registration (Tel: 010-64802568/69; E_mail:[email protected]). Please check the following list:

      the organizers yet announced the auction starting price or reserve price, insiders estimate, the auction of the domain name in the highest valuation should be baidu.net, estimated to millions of dollars, followed by many industries, these NingMeng.com MangGuo.com spelling and super concept spelling. In the 2006 year for DVD.com.cn network domain name auction m the first successful shoot, so this year the most promising business domain name is DVD.cn. In comparison, the Chinese domain name rarely auction, Andy Lau.Com, the results of the thesis.Cn also wait and see.

      according to the auction organizer Dawo Auction Co. Ltd., general manager of the famous auctioneer Ji Tao introduced the domestic domain name auction does not see more, but with the gradual increase of trading volume and the increasing popularity of domain name investment, domain name auction may become a brilliant intangible assets in the auction landscape.

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