The domestic professional footwear giant Daphne’s direct sales network

PPG caused by the shirt of the online shopping boom is spreading to the footwear industry. This time, the cow is a professional shoe giant Daphne.

since last August launched online shopping website, e-commerce business, Daphne has achieved good results. While AOKANG and other shoe companies, also for online stores to some smaller companies have begun to try on


Daphne has opened new channels of

"under the premise of the success of the chain, we hope to add a sales channel, the online shopping market is growing rapidly, so we want to try this new field." Daphne insiders on the "First Financial Daily" said.

currently, Daphne official online shopping products including shoes and bags, the network platform is divided into "new museum", "discount shop" and "star commodity Museum" and other areas, online and offline product price and discount rate are consistent.

20 this month, Daphne official online shopping will also launch the "main hall" and "function hall" sell limit order bride shoes, party shoes, etc.. At the same time, will also sell Daphne self-developed soft series health and international patent breathing air cushion series shoes.

The latter is only

"online sales of products, due to the functional shoes popular on the Internet, we want to try." The source said.

the source told reporters that the current Daphne has commissioned a network company specialized design and technical services for the shopping website at the same time, Daphne has also set up an internal electronic commerce department. But in this field, Daphne is currently no promotion, only in the part of the site to do some advertising, at the same time, stores and so can also see the shopping website publicity.

currently, Daphne network electronic platform sales have exceeded a million, which has 2000 stores in the Daphne, or a small number, but a good growth trend of the network marketing company plans to further expand its business network.

new trends in the field

U.S. Zappos site is regarded as a legend of the online retail market, in the total value of $3 billion in the online sales market, the Zappos site will occupy the entire market share of 1/5.

Zappos example encourages many Chinese entrepreneurs. In fact, before Daphne, there has been some small shoe enterprises set up shop in Taobao, or set up a special shopping website.

Guangzhou energy shoe industry’s "de Macao shark fish" brand has been in Wenzhou last year to set up e-commerce operation company, opened its own shopping site, and puts forward the online purchase of shoes and physical distribution of three-dimensional marketing mode.

Taobao stakeholders told reporters, footwear production >

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