U S version of flash Hui is simply a comment brother finally grinningly

this is called preferential pay, the product has been officially landed in the United States Mission App.

U.S. group discount appears in the App home page

and "brother" public comment flash Hui resembles, is more like a change of name. Just pay attention to the United States on the line is also a shop to pay for the weapon. The user only needs to hold the U.S. group App, can be in consumption, the total amount of direct input, automatic matching preferential after fee system.

two products in the design ideas and functions exactly the same

but may be on the line soon, the U.S. group number of businesses and pay preferential access to flash benefits there is still a certain gap, which makes these restaurants somewhat loose density.

to Beijing, for example, the United States currently offers access to the group to pay the business for 17079. New data show that flash benefits has been covering more than 500 thousand stores in more than more than and 30 cities. Data from the comments show that the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen four cities accounted for the proportion of flash trade has reached 40%.

Comparison of the

District, the U.S. group signed 434 preferential pay, Wangfujing in Wangjing, Dongdan 145, Sanlitun 200; in contrast, the public comment in Wangjing access to 1788, Wangfujing Dongdan 683, Sanlitun 983.

from the point of view of preferential treatment, there is not much difference between the two. In addition, the amount of the use of preferential discounts at the same restaurant to pay and buy coupons are exactly the same.

the United States mission to ensure that the implementation of the coverage will soon be with the public comment is not the same." Prior to informed sources, the United States before the merger of the United States and the public comment, it has started the development of the class of flash products.

in the past, the group has been criticized for the business model of the business model has not been outside, and because of the price factor is criticized by the line merchants. But after the emergence of public comment flash benefits, there seems to be a possibility to change this situation.

flash benefits are based on the design of the pain points." Public comment CEO Zhang Tao think it is possible to replace most of the purchase orders, and after the merger of Meida, Zhang Tao also stressed in the internal mail, flash and other high frequency to the store business remains unchanged.

in the traditional group buying model, the main purpose of the business is to get new customers, and therefore do not want to carry out long-term transfusion marketing. For users, it is difficult to buy long-term stickiness formation. Flash is a favored three win-win service — from the user point of view, it is more convenient, concessions; from the merchant perspective, it improves the efficiency of operation and marketing; from a platform perspective, it realizes the closed loop and data service." Public comment President Zheng Zhihao also said.

on the transaction closed loop and data services on the one hand, whether it is the United States mission to pay or review flash benefits, are likely to cut from the food, to the next line to complete the coverage category, and the most

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