Site navigation station two months of traffic miracle 500 thousand

Hello everyone, I’m winning at the starting point, QQ752342 ID credibility is the last word.

the thing is, friends in the network company, the boss with the intention of developing navigation website, so in the simple preparation, planning, promotion of capital of 10W, in the capital by the planning and promotion, I was crazy to do a simple navigation station, 50W in the real traffic flow of the brush the approach to the promotion of today I introduce it to everyone.

in the site after the fine artists and some facilities, a fine stand there, feel easily been accepted by users, the domain name is also very good to remember (commercial cooperation which is not revealed). Look at me if you do it, the development of a lock IE plug-in, set to run directly after the plug change IE and registry.

please post 10 hand, release the plugin in some of the primary users of the gathering place of the download address, (this is my previous use, the effect is not good, they stop playing huangzhan later) idea, or their company’s credit, in each big yellow cloth BBS BT seeds, seed and change our bundled plugin for IE, part of the film and the seeds were created by the P8 to be reproduced, and included, P8 all know what it is, and in most places, also downloads, plus the color stand reproduced and our collection and publicity. The effect is very good, we successfully install this plugin and modify the home users reached about 100000.

we all know, color stand generally horse, some Langyou after watching the movie know the poisoning, generally choose the reduction (West, this plugin with special processing, general reduction software is cannot destroy his) as long as the user after the operation restore any file in the EXE file, plug-in again, of course, some abnormal Internet reduction, or could not penetrate, these seeds, now still at work.

and the promotion here, only to spend a few thousand dollars, that is, some labor costs. Then it is a large number of sites to download ads, and design and development of the original software and bundled with the plug-in, the acquisition of advertising position. Download location buy some big domestic is mixed, such as plug-in station, hung on a written advertisement: XX brush gold plug, invincible download Plug-in, and then use VB to draw a fake plug-in, bundled with this plugin, and the download station also released (release and friendship).

game player are inclined to what the metamorphosis of the plug-in, download is very high, 10 large external advertising, download the 1 day to more than 2W, the success for our IE reached about 2W! After eliminating some Internet cafes restart the restore, the other can accept our navigation station the default (now the same), the development of original software and free, actually find cracked some mixed utility software on the Internet, and then go to the download site, including:

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