Website promotion think of several ways

website promotion I can think of several ways to do you no ground for blame, what? More than ninety percent of people will say that in order to make money to make money, the site is profitable to make money based on what? Of course, traffic! The traffic comes from, nature is to attract your visitors from your site, so the site content is rich or not, whether you can attract visitors is to improve the basic conditions of the flow and the promotion of the website, is to be established on the basis of the basic conditions, if you the website has no content to keep the viewer’s heart, what you do is to promote a flow, will go up when perhaps at the beginning, but after the promotion you found, traffic immediately fell down, is obvious, you cannot keep the viewer’s heart, no visitors to your website form the viscous! Halo, talk so much, just want to say, do not blindly to do promotion promotion, the promotion that is absolutely blind and lost wife of another soldier’s folly, here to talk about N website promotion methods that I can think of a purely personal opinion, welcome criticism correction if you have sufficient funds can be extended to burn, can be considered 100 test GOOGLE keyword jjpm, major website advertising, advertising and other advertising alliance with these, I do not say, anyway, what things are good money, now I want to say is I promotion methods are commonly used:

these poor people

1 landing major search engine so far anyway, I site eighty percent of all traffic from search engines, so the search engine takes place as can be imagined in web traffic, the search engine determines the fate of your website such a word to describe is not excessive, this is Baidu now put all day why a pay call world website day like the arrogant roar ~ ~ ~ how to landing major search engines, the entrance of the major search engines see my blog < < the most common search engine website login entrance and login method > > address:

2 links is the most traditional way of promotion, the best and some of your site with similar resources, resources can be complementary sites do links, can also bring a lot of traffic

3 landing the major web sites: such as HAO123.COM, WWW.256.COM,,,

4 each big forum, how to write a post on the Post Bar propaganda is very exquisite, want to attract people, the title must be attractive or cause people’s curiosity, the title must not let people think you are in advertising, or even a class do not cover you posted, users will not buy your account. This forum, publicity but a chore to toss between each big forum, to and fro is annoying, but a good post can give you a lot of traffic, although there are now what the forum message software, but I tried, no one can really play a role, the most direct effect is to rely on the human bomb ah, soft machine.

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