Cuckoo the survival of the United States today thanks to the founder’s vision

sina science and technology news, 2016 (the fifteenth) annual meeting of Chinese business leaders on December 10-11, held in Beijing, the United States holding group chairman of the board of directors to attend and speak. The cuckoo said that the United States survive today thanks to the founder’s vision, thanks to the establishment of the service to 1 billion 300 million people, with the development of the quality of family life Chinese model, thanks to the chain enterprises even get up, the system control mode lock, as the industry pioneer, leading the industry to achieve the first of many, in most enterprise losses under the condition of 12 consecutive quarters of earnings.


is the following speech:


: Good afternoon, is pleased to usher in the 30 anniversary of the United States, to walk in the sparsely populated road as the theme, to share life, do business insights and experiences, because I was walking in this way.

No matter

transformation or business, for an entrepreneur, is to establish a new business model for entrepreneurs are walking on the road lonely. The market is changing every day, new models and new company every day, as an entrepreneur, an important responsibility is to lead the enterprises where there is no road through, out of the road of enterprise development.

when I walk on the road of sparsely populated, more is to enjoy it in a quiet, looking forward to create the future of wisdom and hands. Only in the lonesome road, it has more pioneering and development opportunities. Now, in a modern high-rise traffic development area, the development space is limited, whether the choice of active or passive business transformation, is to choose to meet various challenges and uncertainties. Since there are few people walk the road, a little routine to follow, there will be criticism and failure, so your heart must be very strong to have faith, don’t forget the heart, temper forward, this has nothing to do with age, sex and profession.

There are three key words

walking on the lonesome road, vision, mentality and team. Knowing that the road is not easy, as the leaders of enterprises must have a good attitude, otherwise it will lose at the starting line, because you are the founder and leader, your attitude will decide the fate of the enterprise. Whether it is active or passive walking on the road to the sparsely populated, deep thinking, comprehensive planning, thought to be big, low starting point, fast. No one has gone through the road is wrong, wrong, we must actively and quickly adjust, do not seek and not determined, the loss of time. The pressure again big also want to become the driving force. In the development along the road of development, market competition to survive, we must strive to do the best and most outstanding.

on vision, your height, vision and pattern, determines your direction, goals and the speed of execution, which is the key to success or failure. As an entrepreneur, to learning and thinking, diligent to keep pace with the times, not only to have Juan > look far ahead from a high plane.

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