The three core elements of the network marketing planning strategy

what is the core of the network marketing, promotion, website, conversion rate, sales, copywriting, products, SEO…… All right, in the specific business network marketing experience, this is a problem, but this is not fundamental. The fundamental reason is that no systematic view of network marketing, not a global strategy to command, not creative problem solving, and no training into operation system. In simple terms, do not carry out network marketing network marketing planning.

strategy, creativity, operating systems. This is a tan roots planning operation of traditional marketing and network marketing project concluded the business planning, marketing planning, brand planning, network marketing planning of the three core elements. This is the first element – the network marketing strategy.

what is strategy?

Rome Road 10 million, to find out the last one; road 10 million, to find out that Rome. First, the strategy is to find the most recent in the tens of thousands of road; two, the strategy is to find the right way in the complex road; three, the strategy is the best way to solve the problem.

three, many times with fire attack to defeat the enemy. Strategy against the enemy, and under the circumstances, may be the most appropriate fire attack can think of or only the winning strategy.

The relationship between

strategy and strategy?

a lot of people have been not clear strategy and strategic relationship, it is not necessary in roots, in-depth research, will they huadenghao directly on the line. For example, enterprise strategy, marketing strategy, brand strategy, communication strategy, etc., can be directly replaced by strategic strategy. We just a lot of people talking about strategy, unconscious on a corporate strategy to add the attribute, description of the enterprise strategy, in fact the enterprise strategy is described in the direction of enterprise development, development steps and development measures in market competition and winning thousands of miles down generation. A strategy is a strategy for the lower level, but an executive level for his upper level.

for example, we often say that the brand strategy (strategy), can be decomposed into brand positioning, brand core value, brand visual performance, brand communication and other content, but the brand strategy (strategy) enterprise development strategy (strategy) is one of the implementation of the measures, as well as financial strategy, marketing strategy, talent strategy is the strategy the implementation of measures to realize the enterprise.

where does the correct strategy come from?

think Tan roots strategy from the market analysis, only in-depth analysis of the industry, competitors, and target consumers themselves, draw their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, weaknesses, seize the opportunity, to eliminate the threat, find your own right strategy.



network marketing strategy method

Since the

strategy is the survival of the enterprise, winning the road, in fact, did not

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