Website marketing thinking big collision to large flow or to true conversion

recently and friends have been discussing the topic, a lot of people say that with the flow of the conversion will increase with the increase. In fact, this is completely wrong, the flow is not equal to the transformation, we just give an example, Baidu paid promotion website ranked first in the capital more than third fourth website, but the website’s conversion is really not necessarily be third fourth bit high website. The reason is because the conversion rate of more than a factor of website optimization.

Here is my friend for a

view (:


I think the site has only two types, grocery stores and boutiques, grocery store, as we all know, there are a lot of things can be bought, a large grocery supermarket we call him a little bigger, we call him a super stores, on the site to describe his traffic will be very large, but also very miscellaneous if our website, the original position is not a big supermarket, then I think I don’t need so much traffic to my site. I want to do is to do boutique, do do high conversion rate.

popular point is that I want to IP and click on the product is entirely interested in me, the rest of the flow is invalid for me. Frankly speaking this argument is a lot of SEO optimization of the voice, fine and refinement, the pursuit of transformation, if your site can optimize sales performance linked directly with the company, then the status and the right to speak their own will not.

Baidu encyclopedia explains the definition of SEO, SEO purpose is to understand: to provide ecological self marketing solutions for the site to occupy the leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand income. We can obviously find that, in fact, SEO is linked to income, and that is a certain responsibility and transformation.

therefore, the argument is clear: give up the huge and complex flow, the pursuit of small and fine, if 100 IP visit my site every day, I hope that 98 people have obvious interest in my website products, 9 of them can realize the online customer service consulting and exchange. 4 people can achieve real transformation.

then is my point of view (the


has been a big site, they have the right to choose to do supermarkets or boutiques. But for a small web site, especially for an urgent need for small and medium sized Baidu site, your site can be a boutique product positioning, but not to promote the quality of marketing. In Baidu’s eyes, no traffic industry, unless you are out of the brush, as long as the natural flow, Baidu would agree that no one can say that a person does not want to buy the TV to see a machine resale site, if a site traffic to sell all want to buy from the machine the TV people, first, your bounce rate will be very high, second your conversion rate for 0.

but if the relationship will be closer to what? For example, a cosmetics website, the direction of your traffic in today’s popular women’s clothing will be what?

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