U S media said Ali intends to finance 1 billion valuation of 8 billion word of mouth

[TechWeb] October 19th news, the U.S. media reported that Alibaba plans to finance its local life service platform reputation network, amounting to $1 billion. And after the financing, word of mouth network valuation may reach $8 billion.


U.S. media said Ali intends to finance $1 billion for word of mouth valuation of $8 billion

foreign media quoted informed sources said the new financing will be introduced into the external investors for the word of mouth, to determine the valuation benchmark. External investment may make the word of mouth become more independent, eventually become independent entities listed. As for the specific terms of financing has not yet been finalized, informed sources said Ali has hired Credit Suisse several well-known international investors.

is currently the news of foreign media reports, Alibaba and word of mouth has not responded.

June 23, 2015, Alibaba and ant gold service together to invest about $1 billion to the word of mouth, each of the joint venture’s equity of $50%. At the same time Amoy little business into word of mouth. Word of mouth business focus shifted from takeaway to store business.

Ali and the Ant King Investment reputation after April 2016, and $1 billion 250 million to invest in hungry mody. Among them, Ali invested $900 million, ant gold investment $350 million. Joint stock 28%.

According to Alibaba

released earnings report showed that as of June quarter, net loss of $37 million in business reputation. (Wang Kaka)

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