Ali prospectus interpretation of the value of social logistics system

completed 5 billion parcels throughout the year, the average daily delivery volume reached 13 million 700 thousand. This is the hand of the logistics system of social Alibaba 2013 answer.

electricity supplier, payment, logistics has been known as the iron triangle, are indispensable. May 7th morning, Alibaba group to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a prospectus in the IPO of its social logistics system spent a lot of space to explain.

from Ali’s electricity supplier platform launched at the beginning of the logistics strategy, Ali has been expected to solve the problem of logistics and distribution of electronic business platform through the socialization of the logistics system. Unlike other self logistics, Ali electricity supplier platform for buyers and sellers are distributed in a wide range, the use of social logistics is conducive to millions of sellers to millions of buyers distribution package distributed in various regions of the China. At the same time, the company can also provide convenient, flexible, high quality, cheap and efficient logistics services with different logistics express companies.

according to Ali prospectus shows that the current social logistics system of Alibaba to operate by the rookie network, and rookie network was established in May 2013, held by Ali Holdings 48%. The logistics network is to build the rookie data platform is trying to make up for some of the short board, the socialization of logistics makes buyers, sellers and connect the logistics express company, to let them share the distribution status of information, each order details, and user feedback information etc.. At the same time, the seller can view the courier service capabilities through different paths, logistics and express companies can be their own service ability compared with the same industry, buyers can PC and mobile devices to track their orders and so on.

data show that, relying on this set of logistics data platform system, in 2013, nearly 1 billion 300 million of the electricity supplier in Ali platform from the delivery of goods to the consumer is completed within 48 hours. The delivery time, excluding some buyers can pay a lower price to choose longer, estimate the distribution average time consumers with all packages from shipment to about 3 days.

2013, Ali electricity supplier platform produced a total of 5 billion packages, that is to say, 2013 China 9 billion 200 million package (the State Post Bureau data), 54% from Ali’s business platform, they are all the courier company successfully sent to thousands of households. 2013 "double 11" shopping carnival, through the rookie network of logistics data platform, and logistics express companies work closely together, successfully delivered the 156 million parcels, creating a new record.

in addition to the successful completion of business platform to generate massive parcels, the socialization of logistics service system is to enhance the Ali electricity supplier platform value, improve the service level of the seller. It is understood that the system can be extended to the seller on the platform to provide logistics services, you can greatly expand the logistics needs of the seller, to enhance the logistics of buyers in the shopping experience.

at the same time, the socialization of logistics service system also allows logistics express >

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