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international financial crisis, some industries but stand out. Study abroad industry is one of the good. Beijing JJL overseas education Consultation Service Co is a veteran of the study abroad intermediary institutions. 2008 successfully handled more than 10 thousand cases of immigration business.

although the overseas industry booming, but at the same time, overseas Internet marketing competition is fierce, according to the company’s network manager Zhang Hua introduced as "students" such words, sometimes you can click once soared to 70 yuan. To this end, the Internet search marketing has come to the need for special attention, personal care, professional executive height. "No more than a few years ago, the extensive operation of the." Zhang Huaqiang tune.

actually, at Gillette study abroad Consultation Service Co in search marketing into 3 specialized manpower. Because of the importance of Baidu search marketing, signing gold auspicious constantly doubled.

and Baidu search marketing in many years of actual combat, Zhang Hua also summed up a set of their own search marketing methods. For example, the choice of keywords can choose the long tail word, that is, do not focus on simple and directly related to the study of vocabulary. For example, Zhang Hua, for example, you can choose to go abroad what materials need to be prepared, how to write a letter of recommendation of foreign universities, such keywords. Through this keyword search can attract more students. Long tail word seems to go abroad to study the relevance of fuzzy, but in fact precisely cover the need to cover the need to study abroad.

and Baidu professional edition, but also to provide a powerful tool for this precise Internet marketing Zhang Hua. Zhang Hua told reporters that, first of all is the content of professional edition can put more related words; two in time, the professional version of the running time can be adjusted at any time, Zhang Hua for example, for example, after the college entrance examination can increase investment; the third is the professional area can be divided into. "Our advantage is in the north, and now can be put in several northern provinces. This is more effective and can save costs." Zhang Huaqiang tune.

in fact, the effectiveness of search marketing depends entirely on whether the enterprise to do. Zhang Hua said, in order to search marketing talents training and sometimes is deliberately not the right strategy to launch, make your department to see the result of this is what, in order to cultivate their keen sense of search marketing. If the search marketing strategy fails, it will have a negative impact. It is likely to spend more than 2000 yuan a day and get a good marketing results." Zhang Hua said.

Zhang Hua told reporters that Baidu search marketing is a successful marketing tool, but the door needs to study knowledge. Need to continue to learn in practice, to adjust the strategy, so as to get the best results of the enterprise.

Baidu marketing provides us with the opportunity to precision marketing, and the ability to grasp the business mainly depends on our own strategy." Zhang Huaqiang tune.

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