Ma Yun do not regret after five years of e commerce

2008, China’s online shopping registered users reached 120 million people, an increase of 185%. Which nearly 100 million of Taobao users to complete the transaction amount of nearly $100 billion. Alibaba group chairman of the board predicted –

do not e-commerce, five years later will regret

two days, nearly 3000 copies of the seller’s agent for Taobao, really gave a brand to do OEM shoes manufacturers responsible for e-commerce business Yan Xiang an unexpected surprise. Really did not expect that this time to participate in the exhibition value. Online sales potential is too big, we have the confidence to take the road of independent brands."

May 17th, the first business transaction conference has just ended, a channel to the manufacturers, the benefits to consumers and personalized era is open.

at the meeting,, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group, with its consistent style predicted: do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret it!

is no longer restricted by a strong channel

why Ma has so emboldened? A set of data to the "textbook": according to statistics, in 2008 China registered online shopping users reached 120 million people, an increase of 185%. Nearly 100 million of Taobao users to complete the transaction amount of nearly $100 billion, far more than WAL-MART’s sales in China, accounting for about 1% of total retail sales of social consumer goods.

IDC analysis, for an enterprise, e-commerce model compared with traditional transactions, there is no lot restrictions, not restricted by the channel, can bring 16% of the total cost reduction.

and the other side, Chinese exporters have never had such difficulties: one is the export slump, high inventory, on the other hand, when they are transferred to the domestic market, but embarrassed that export experience useless.

plant language general manager Yu Qiming told reporters that the cosmetics distribution not 889, area spreads Lian Huadong. Visible, the traditional sales channels invested huge. Not only that, the industry pointed out that the domestic retail industry rules complex. In the face of a strong channel, many foreign trade enterprises have trouble saying, "made in China" and "Chinese market" gap is difficult.

so, a lot of foreign trade enterprises to accelerate the line "patulous territory". Online sales lower than the threshold of the line to be low, the cost is also much cheaper." Shenzhen Lan Wei Electronics Co., Ltd. Wang Yongmei said, before the main foreign trade company, in 2008 began the transition to the domestic trade, analyze the situation, online sales become an important channel for their. For the company, the online margin is also more impressive."

small and medium enterprises brand "made"

when it comes to brands, many companies think of advertising. Advertising investment is not the general SME can afford, and start a brand is a long and difficult process. However, e-commerce platform is creating a brand new era. A number of small and medium-sized enterprises that have done decades of work

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