2016 of the global apparel industry increased 3 8% most rely on sports and leisure

Europe International recently released report shows that in 2016 the global apparel, footwear industry grew by 3.8%, the total value of $17 trillion, which is the weakest since the year of growth in 2008. The growth rate in 2015 was 4.5%, with a total value of $16 trillion.

report suggested that, if not because of sports and leisure clothing for three consecutive years to maintain a rapid growth of, the overall growth rate of the industry in 2016 can not even reach 3.8%. The growth rate of second is children’s clothing, the growth rate of about 6%, mainly from the macroeconomic and social forces together, better than men’s and women’s wear. In addition, men’s clothing in 2016 grew by 4%, has been more than two consecutive years of women’s growth.

Bernadette, a fashion footwear analyst at

international, said: "while functional sportswear is leading a $78 billion market size," sport style "is the driving force for growth. Sports shoes and clothing are growing at a rapid pace, the growth rate in 2016 was 10% and 6%."

In addition to the rapid growth of emerging markets such as India and Thailand,

sports apparel has also shown a significant growth in the US market, which has long been considered a major sport in the world. The so-called sports leisure wind will decline that is to say.

sports and leisure wind has become a trend in the United States, even Webster’s dictionary have "Athleisure (Sport wind)" included in the 2016 edition of the dictionary.

Kissane believes that Ivy Park and Tory Sport, such as the emergence of sports brands continue to make sport casual wind. Nike, Adidas and Riccardo Tisci, Olivier Rousteing, Stella Mc Cartney, such as the designer of the cooperation section also want to put the style of sports design into the daily clothing of consumers to provide more options.

famous singer Beyonce · in the spring of 2016, she founded the sportswear brand Ivy Park. Because of the influence of Beyonce, IvyPark once offered to detonate the social network, led to the continued popularity of sports and leisure wind.

Rihanna and Kanye · West celebrities such as participation also contributed to sports leisure wind. Last year Rihanna partnered with Puma to design "creeper" was selected as the 2016 annual footwear news "shoes, no matter how many times the replenishment are quickly empty berserk. In 2015 the award by Kanye · Yeezy Boost350 sports shoes West and Adidas cooperation to win. 2014 award winning shoes are Adidas’s Stan Smith. For three consecutive years the annual awards are awarded to shoes, sports shoes, sports and leisure of the prevailing wind visible.


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