Mobile phone manufacturers signed a Jingdong agreement 3C section of the brand strategy to promote

April 26th is the last day of Jingdong 3C shopping festival. Since the Jingdong announced 3C Strategy Conference to start the 3C Shopping Festival since 21 days, after the 618 anniversary of the theme promotion activities has finally come to an end. During the event, all the major manufacturers of echo, to provide consumers with a huge profit space, that Jingdong must call in the field of 3C force. But compared with the moment of the sales for the shopping festival in the "win the future" the action is clearly more attention in value: Jingdong announced including channels, marketing, operations, finance, 3C strategic upgrade plan, the lightning and the 5 major domestic brands signed a sales agreement, shaped platform enable the brand of "season" effect is apparent.

bundled with the interests of manufacturers Jingdong new play traditional electricity supplier

more cutting-edge cool 3C commodity network as the main battlefield of the future. Especially for the FMCG mobile phone, HUAWEI, Meizu other domestic leaders, new release all spare no effort in the choice of online channel. Jingdong as the authoritative discourse in the field of 3C business platform, the number of years for high quality gather a considerable number of users, and to the formation of a strong ecological competitiveness, the brand reputation and product exposure of the "fuel" ability is very great.

when the Jingdong in the 3C Strategy Conference and 3C Shopping Festival ceremony of "letter of Jingdong, to win the future" slogan, and the manufacturers "stakeholders" to a new direction: Jingdong is no longer brand retailers, but the brand service providers, in the realization of the electricity supplier differentiation at the same time, more closely with the manufacturers together to build a win-win situation "". Now, the Jingdong plans to upgrade 3C version synchronization, from four aspects of channels, marketing, operations, finance comprehensive upgrade, open up the 3C category, for manufacturers to provide supporting services in addition to almost all production research and development, which is not only emphasized the Jingdong by consumers trust platform, the Jingdong is more worthy of the trust of all-weather manufacturers partner, this "depth" brought about by the phenomenon is good, even with other platforms, more brands still firmly choose the starting platform for new Jingdong.

lightning contract to build ten billion brand pragmatic strategy started well

opened in 2016, the new flagship of Samsung Galaxy S7 important edge, HUAWEI P9, Charm Blue Note 3 and other domestic and foreign well-known mobile phone manufacturers, all selected in the first Jingdong. Jingdong 3C division president Hu Shengli announced in 2016 Jingdong 3C will build ten billion brands in 8 months after less than 5 months, Jingdong quickly signed a strategic cooperation agreement:

April 7th, Hu Shengli and President of glory in the Jingdong group headquarters in 18 billion signed a sales agreement, the glory of Jingdong in 2016 to create the first ten billion brand;

April 7th, Jingdong and music as signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Jingdong sales as the full range of mobile phone target 6 million, including music as a mobile phone 3> 2

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