Ali teamed up to uncover a single case of Chongqing industrial and commercial

recently, the Chongqing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau announced that, on suspicion of violation of the anti unfair competition law, the network transaction management approach and other laws and regulations, the operation of a single platform Yang couple was investigated. After investigation, the amount of water on the platform brush single billion yuan, but with the brush single funds were frozen, Yang couple five years only for nothing, now living in a mess, even unable to pay the mortgage.

five years brush to an empty

one day in May this year in the morning, Chongqing Jiangbei District a high-grade apartment, brush single platform "blue sky network shop fried letter" operators of the Yang couple, in the supervision of the business of the investigators, closed their five years of operation of the site.


in five years, this brush site water more than $100 million. However, with more than one million single brush funds were frozen, and facing a fine business, Yang couple is the end of hills and rivers, living in hardship.

2010, Yang couple founded brush single channel platform "blue sky network shop speculation". Due to the absence of law and regulation, Yang couple through the purchase of Baidu keyword, QQ group promotion way to open up business, advertising up to $10000 per month. And through QQ and other social software, the business will be distributed to the brush. As of the incident, there are a number of electronic business platform to participate in the sale of thousands of sellers, a total of more than 180 thousand people to reach the hands of employment.

But with the

business platform for scalping increasing crackdown, scalping profits fell badly, Yang couple completed a single brush only earn 1, 2 yuan.

however, the Yang couple struggling, on suspicion of violating the "People’s Republic of China Anti Unfair Competition Law", "network transaction management approach" and other laws and regulations, May 2016, Chongqing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau Banan District branch of the "blue sky shop network to initiate an investigation. Today, the site has been closed, Yang couple was controlled, and its millions of brush single water funds have been frozen.

Yang couple admitted that although the platform for five years, water is very high, but because of the lack of law led to fierce competition in the market, coupled with the promotion, customer service costs rise, has earned less money. A year ago, they saved money to open a software company, hoping to transform. But the company has not yet profitable, with the brush single platform checked, they have no source of income, living in hardship.

single brush "game" no escape shop sellers and buyers are suspected of illegal

in a single brush "game", or the loss of the seller, not only related to sales will be removed, the store will be right down, closed, the seller must also accept business investigation I.

with the "blue sky network shop" brush single platform was closed. Thousands of sellers involved in the brush, the industry has been included in the ranks of punishment. Chongqing city Banan District Branch Industrial and Commercial Bureau, participate in the "blue sky shop network trading platform" brush "seller" (the owner) and the "buyers" (brush hand) also suspected of illegal, in 3.

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